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Faculty Travel Guidelines

Faculty Travel Guidelines


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The travel budget is meant to support faculty travel to academic conferences, meetings and in some cases, research. Individual allocations are made at the departmental level and then signed off on by OAR.

Each departmental determines individual allocations; OAR ensures the reimbursement packets conform to federal guidelines and The Research Foundation of CUNY (RF-CUNY) issues payment. [Academic travel funds are subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the Research Foundation of CUNY –(RF-CUNY)].

These webpages contain travel policies, procedures, and guidelines regarding the support materials you must submit along with your travel reimbursement voucher.  We’ve also included links to forms and checklists.

Policy and Procedures

Pre-Travel Approval:

At least three weeks before traveling, submit a hard copy of Travel Approval Form (TAF) to the chair of your department. S/he will determine the amount approved, and will forward electronic copies of the approved form to you and the OAR Travel Coordinator (Patricia Samperi). The travel coordinator, in turn, will email confirmation of receipt of the TAF and approval for travel.

Note: Department Chairs have the discretion to fund some or all of you trip.   The approved amount will be noted on the signed TAF that is emailed back to you.

Post-Travel Reimbursements:

All travelers must submit a completed, RF e-Travel Reimbursement Voucher and provide supporting documents (see below) within four weeks after the completion of the trip.  The traveler submits this to either the Department Chair or the Department Travel Designee, who will in turn, forwards an electronic copy of these materials to OAR.  Please see Reimbursement Process At a Glance.

  • OAR cannot guarantee reimbursement of travel vouchers submitted more than 45 days after the date of travel even if an approved TAF is included.
  • An approved TAF  must be on file with OAR prior to travel in order for the OAR travel coordinator to process the reimbursement.


Supporting Documentation Checklists

  • Conference
  • Meetings (under construction)
  • Research (under construction)


Documents Required for Reimbursement