Faculty Voices

Faculty Voices

Kimberly Adilia Helmer

English Department

Getting Students Prepared for the Showcase

From the first day of classes and at multiple points during the semester, my LC partner and I discuss the Showcase and its rationale with students. We remind learners that the Showcase is a unique professionalizing opportunity for first-semester freshmen, meriting a line on their resumes. Read more.


Lyell Davies

Communication and Theatre Arts

DRA 131's Planning for the Showcase!

Last year, students in this course created a "citizen journalism" project where they generated an online report on the Showcase as it was in progress. Our mission statement was to make the Showcase available to anyone, anywhere, with an Internet connection, on or off campus, as it was unfolding. Read More.


Richard Ocejo

Sociology Department

About the 2011 Student Showcase

We grouped the students together around themes that were common to their individual projects. Each poster had the research by several students. I felt that working on the Student Showcase posters showed students how to collaborate and find common themes from their work. Read More.