Anthony Marcus

Anthony Marcus

Chairperson and Associate Professor
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PhD    The City University of New York

BFA    New York University


After doing a PhD in the Anthropology at the City University of New York that focused on urban poverty, gender, and homelessness, I passed the naughts in Australia as a Senior Lecturer in International Development at the University of Melbourne in Australia. While there I did research on international aid, development, and poverty amelioration in the Maldives, urban Indonesia, and rural Nepal and was a founding Academic Head of the School of International Development of Melbourne University Private, which provided Australia’s first entirely online MA/Ph.D program. I also did consulting for the United Nations and the Red Cross, in post-tsunami reconstruction projects in the Republic of Maldives. I am currently working on a monograph based on related research in the Maldives — an entirely Muslim country with the highest divorce rate in the world and some of the best gender equity statistics in South Asia. It is also likely to be the first seated nation in the UN to be eliminated by the rising sea levels caused by global warming. In August 2007, I went on leave from Melbourne to serve for one academic year as Associate Provost, at the Kazakhstan Institution of Management Economics and Strategic Research, after which I took up an appointment as Associate Professor of Anthropology at John Jay College. My current research pursuits are human trafficking, teenage prostitution, and re-entering prisoners. I am currently doing a field study of arranged marriage, gender, migration, and youth in New York City. I have a developing interest in the social construction of adolescence, its extension further into the human lifecycle, and the impact this has on the lives of socio-politically vulnerable and disadvantaged populations.I am one of three editors-in-chief of the journal Dialectical Anthropology.


Select Recent Publications

Marcus, Anthony, Amber Horning, Ric Curtis, & Efram Thompson. 2014. “Pimping Dynamics: Conflict and Agency in Pimps’ Relations with Underage Trafficking Victims”, Annals of The American Academy of Political and Social Science. (forthcoming)

Marcus, Anthony & Ric Curtis 2014. “Implementing Policy for Invisible Populations: Social Work and Social Policy in a Federal Anti-Trafficking Taskforce in the United States”, Social Policy and Society,13(2).

Snajdr, Ed & Anthony Marcus. 2013. Anti-Anti-Trafficking? Towards an Ethnography of Human Trafficking, Special Issue of Dialectical Anthropology 37:2

Acharya, Yogendra, Salim Lakha, Anthony Marcus & Popy Begum. 2013. “When Sustainability Fails: A Multi-Perspective Approach to Assessing Microfinance in Chitwan, Nepal” in Jonathan Westover, Social Entrepreneurship and Microfinance, Champaign, Il: Common Ground

Menzies, Charles & Anthony Marcus. 2013. Anthropology for a Small Planet 2nd Edition, Vancouver, B.C.: New Proposals Publishing.)

                   Ma Marcus, Anthony. 2012. “Reconsidering Talaq: Marriage, Divorce and Sharia Reform in the Republic of Maldives” in Chitra Raghavan and James Levine (eds.) Self-Determination and Women’s Rights in Muslim Societies. Lebanon, NH: Brandeis University Press.

Marcus, Anthony, Robert Riggs, Sarah Rivera, Ric Curtis, & Efram Thompson. 2012. “Is Child to Adult as Victim is to Criminal? Social Policy and Street-Based Sex Work in the United States” Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 9:153-166 .


Select Older Publications

Marcus, Anthony. 2006. Where Have All the Homeless Gone? The Making and Unmaking of a Crisis: NY: Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Marcus, Anthony & Sulikah Asmorowati. 2006. “Urban Poverty and the Rural Development Bias: Some Notes from Indonesia” Journal of Developing Societies 22(2).

Marcus, Anthony. 2005. Malcolm X and the Third American Revolution: The Life and Work of George Breitman, Amherst, NY: Humanity Books.

Marcus, Anthony. 2003. “Shelterization and the Homeless: Some Methodological Dangers of Institutional Studies” Human Organization 62(2): 134-142.



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