Avram Bornstein

Avram Bornstein

Avram Bornstein
Associate Professor
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 PhD            Columbia University   

MA              Columbia University
1992, 1994  Birzeit University, Ramallah Overseas Summer Program
1988-1989   Hebrew University, Jerusalem Overseas One-Year Program

BA               Beloit College 


Avram Bornstein teaches in John Jay’s undergraduate and graduate programs and in the Anthropology Ph.D. program at the CUNY Graduate Center. His research and teaching focus on violence and ethnic conflict. He has done extensive ethnographic research over two decades in Israel-Palestine and published on issues such as border enforcement, work, political prisoners, healthcare, international intervention and ethnographic reflexivity. In recent years, Bornstein has also focused on the psycho-cultural elements of policing in New York City, with particular attention to community policing, police ethnicity and police education. In addition to his scholarly activities on these topics, Bornstein regularly performs tolerance and bridge-building work with students and community based organizations. Bornstein is also an active member of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) which represents CUNY’s faculty and professional staff. He serves as the College Chapter’s Contract Enforcement Officer, as a member of the Chapter’s Executive Committee and as a representative to the PSC Delegate Assembly. - Click here to listen to Audio Interview




A. Books

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B. Guest Edited Issues of Refereed Journal

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Hilary Cunningham, Paul Durrenberger, Marc Edelman, and Ron Hayduk,)

C. Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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the Green Line.” Human Organization Vol. 60, No. 3, 298-307.

2001. “Ethnography and the Politics of Prisoners



2003 PSC-CUNY Grant “Blood and Redemption: Violence in the Palestinian West Bank” 2001 Dispute Resolution Committee Research Grant “Martyrdom in the Palestinian West Bank” 2001 PSC-CUNY Grant “American Dreaming in the Palestinian West Bank” 1999 PSC-CUNY Grant “Border Struggles in the Palestinian West Bank” 1994 Fulbright-Hayes Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship “Nation and Class in Two Palestinian Villages” 1994 Social Science Research Council Near and Middle East Dissertation Research Grant “Nation and Class in Two Palestinian Villages” 1993 Sheldon Scheps’ Summer Research Fellowship 1992 Sheldon Scheps’ Summer Research Fellowship


Arab-Israeli Conflict; Community Policing; Affirmative Action; Police Training; Race Relations; Borders; Political Violence; Political Prisoners; Social Movements

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