Christian Parenti

Christian Parenti

Associate Professor
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2000 PhD Sociology and Geography, London School of Economics and Political Science

1994 B.A. Interdisciplinary Social Science, New School for Social Research


Christian Parenti is Associate Professor of Economics at John Jay College, City University of New York. His teaching and research focuses on social justice, environmental justice, globalization, climate change and climate justice, sustainable energy, American economic and environmental history, and political violence. He has reported extensively from Afghanistan, Iraq, and various parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America for The Nation, Fortune, The London Review Books, The New York Times, and other publications.

Scholarly Work


2011                Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence. New York: Nation Books   

2014               Translated into Arabic سلسلة عالم المعرفة [Knowledge of World Series], المجلس الوطني للثقافة والفنون والآداب                                                                                                                 [National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters]

2004              The Freedom: Shadows and Hallucinations in Occupied Iraq New York: The New Press.

2003              The Soft Cage: Surveillance from Slavery to the War on Terror New York: Basic Books 

1999/2008     Lockdown America: Police and Prisons in the Age of Crisis, New York: Verso  (revised edition, 2008)

In progress:  The Environment Making State: Territory, Value, and Justice

ARTICLES (*indicates peer-reviewed)

2015*           “The Environment Making State: Territory, Nature, Value,” Antipode 47(4), 829-848.

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2001             “The ‘New’ Criminal Justice, 1968 to 2001,” Monthly Review, 53(3), 19-28.

2000             “Crime As Social Control,” Social Justice, 27(3), 43-50.

1998*            “Postmodern Maroon in the Ultimate Palenque,” Peace Review, 10 (3), 419-426.


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2017         “If We Fail: Climate Change and a New Urban Crisis,” Jacobin, Aug 29.

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2016        “Listening to Trump: What did millions of voters see in Trump?”   November 22

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