Cyriaco Lopes

Cyriaco Lopes

Cyriaco Lopes
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M.F.A., University of Maryland, Baltimore County (2002, Imaging and Digital Arts)

M.F.A., Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1999, Visual Languages)

B.F.A., Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1994, Painting)




Cyriaco Lopes is a Professor in the Art & Music Dept in the area of Studio Art (Photography). The Brazilian artist has exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio, the Museum of Art of São Paulo, El Museo del Barrio in NYC, Centre Wallonie Bruxelles in Paris, Casa Degli Artisti in Milan, among other international venues. His work has been curated by artists such as Lygia Pape, Janine Antoni, and Luciano Fabro. He is the winner of the NYC World Studio Foundation Award, the Contemporary Art Museum Saint Louis Project Award, the São Paulo Phillips Prize of trip to Europe. His performances in collaboration with poet Terri Witek have been seen at the National Center for Culture in Lisbon, Portugal, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, the Salford Museum, in Manchester, England, and the Atlantic Center for the Arts, FL. 


Course Taught

ART 113, Digital Photography 1

ART 213 , Digital Photography 2

ART 125, Graphic Design

Languages spoken/fluent in

Portuguese (Native Language). Reading fluency in French, Spanish and Italian.

Scholarly Work

Honors and Awards

Contemporary Art Museum, Saint Louis (2002)
World Studio Foundation (2001)
Phillips Prize of trip to Europe (1997)

Research Summary

Cyriaco Lopes is a Brazilian artist who investigates queer identity through an intermedia practice. 


Area of Expertise

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Hate Crimes

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My work is anexperimental and intellectually complex investigation of language and culturaltranslation.  It is presented in avariety of media, ranging from installation to video, from photography toparticipatory art.

the Self as a process not an entity. 

collaborate with different people tomap our time; to actively provide an account of life that is engaged with thelarger cultural discourse.  My work is impure, multidisciplinary: it makes life into mythology andfiction into experience.


<spancentury gothic';"="">I wander: a foreigner now, as a Brazilian livingin the United States, or maybe just a foreigner still, as a gay man. There isno Ithaca to go back.  About this Aegeanroom that I rent, so close and so far, within and without, I can only tell youthat if the price is steep, the view is great.





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