Daniel L. Feldman

Daniel L. Feldman

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1973 JD        Harvard Law School

1970 AB       Columbia College (Economics)


Dan Feldman teaches Oversight & Investigation, Ethics & Accountability, and Administrative Law. He was first elected to the New York State Assembly in 1980, and served as a member of the Legislature from 1981 through 1998, writing over 140 state laws, including New York’s Megan’s Law and Organized Crime Control Act. As Correction Committee chair for twelve years, he led some of the first efforts to repeal the Rockefeller drug laws. For six years thereafter, as a senior member of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s staff, he exposed HUD’s 203k mortgage loan guarantee scandal and led the investigation of UnumProvident’s disability insurance scam. Until his full-time appointment at John Jay, he worked as Special Counsel for Law & Policy to New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. Feldman's fourth book, Tales from the Sausage Factory: Making Laws in New York State, with co-author Gerald Benjamin, was published by SUNY Press in 2010.  The publication date for his fifth book, The Art of the Watchdog: Fighting Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Corruption in Government, with co-author David Eichenthal, also by SUNY Press, is January 1, 2014. He also wrote numerous scholarly articles, and serves as Perspective and Commentary Editor for Public Administration Review. His current research involves government oversight, administrative theory, and legal philosophy.



THE ART OF THE WATCHDOG: FIGHTING FRAUD, WASTE, ABUSE AND CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT, SUNY Press, with co-author David Eichenthal, Albany, N.Y., publication due January 2014.

TALES FROM THE SAUSAGE FACTORY: MAKING LAWS IN NEW YORK STATE, SUNY Press, with co-author Gerald Benjamin, Albany, N.Y., 2010

NEW YORK CRIMINAL LAW, West Publishing Company, Inc., St. Paul, Minn., 1996, legislative editor and co-author

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Journal editing

Perspective and Commentary Editor, Public Administration Review, 7/2013-

Member, Editorial Board, Public Administration Review, 1992-2000, 1/2013-6/2103

Guest editor, Government, Law & Policy Journal, Volume 13, Number 2 (Winter 2011) and Volume 14 Number 1 (Spring 2012)


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1) oversight principles and cases in the United States


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