David A. Green

David A. Green

Associate Professor & Deputy Chair
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2006  PhD Criminology
2001  MPhil Criminology
1997  BS Urban Studies

University of Cambridge, England                                                                                 
University of Cambridge, England
Worcester State College
, MA


David A. Green earned his PhD at the University of Cambridge Institute of Criminology. He was a Junior Research Fellow at Christ Church, University of Oxford, before coming to John Jay College in 2008. His main research interests involve the interrelationship between crime, media, public opinion, punishment, and politics, often in a comparative perspective. His first book, When Children Kill Children: Penal Populism and Political Culture, was published by Oxford University Press in 2008 in its Clarendon Studies in Criminology series. It received the 2009 British Society of Criminology Book Prize and was reissued in paperback in 2012. Dr. Green won the 2007 European Society of Criminology's Young Criminologist Award for his first published article and was selected as a Straus Fellow at New York University Law School’s Straus Institute for the Advanced Study of Law & Justice for the 2010-11 academic year. He is currently working on projects related to mass-mediated terrorism; public and state punitiveness; America's changing penal climate; and the bipartisan evolution and significance of the Second Chance Act of 2007. His work appears in The British Journal of CriminologyCrime and Justice–A Review of ResearchEuropean Journal of Criminology, Punishment & Society, Youth Justice, Sociology Compass, The Good Society, and Crime, Media, Culture.



Books & edited volumes

Tubex, H. and Green, D.A. (Eds.) (2015). Special issue: Punishment, values, and local cultures. Punishment & Society, 17(3).

Green, D.A. (2008). When children kill children: Penal populism and political culture. Clarendon studies in criminology series. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. (2012 paperback edition)
     *2009 British Society of Criminology Book Prize

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Green, D.A. (2015). US penal-reform catalysts, drivers, and prospects. Punishment & Society, 17(3), 271-298.

Tubex, H. and Green, D.A. (2015). Special issue editorial: Punishment, values, and local cultures. Punishment & Society, 17(3), 267-270.

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Green, D.A. (2006). Public opinion versus public judgment about crime: Correcting the “comedy of errors.” British Journal of Criminology, 46(1), 131-154.
      *2007 European Society of Criminology Young Criminologist Award

Invited book chapters

Green, D.A. (2015, in press). Penal populism and the folly of “doing good by stealth”. In A. Dzur, I. Loader and R. Sparks (Eds.) Democratic theory and mass incarceration (pp. __-__). New York: Oxford University Press.

Green, D.A. (2015, in press). The re-humanization of the incarcerated Other: Bureaucracy, distantiation, and American mass incarceration. In A. Eriksson (Ed.) Punishing the Other: The social production of immorality revisited (pp. 87-130). London: Routledge.

Green, D.A. (2011). Media, crime and Nordic exceptionalism: The limits of convergence. In T. Ugelvik and J. Dullum (Eds.) Penal exceptionalism? Nordic prison policy and practice (pp. 58-75). London: Routledge.

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Tonry, M. and D.A. Green (2003). Criminology and public policy in the USA and UK. In L. Zedner and A. Ashworth (Eds.). The criminological foundations of penal policy – Essays in honour of Roger Hood (pp. 485-525). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Green, D.A. (2003). “Justice for all”: Cambridge conference discussions. In M. Tonry (Ed.). Confronting crime: Crime control policy under New Labour (pp. 224-239). Cullompton, Devon, UK: Willan.

Green, D.A. (2002). Cropwood 26th round table conference: Sentencing policies and possibilities in Britain – Summary of discussions. In S. Rex and M. Tonry (Eds.). Reform and punishment: The future of sentencing (pp. 217-228). Cullompton, Devon, UK: Willan.

Book reviews

Green, D.A. (2012). Second wounds: Victims’ rights and the media in the U.S. by C.A. Rentschler. Law & Society Review, 46(2): 454-456.

Green, D.A. (2010). The politics of imprisonment: How the democratic process shapes the way America punishes offenders by V. Barker. American Journal of Sociology, 116(2), 672-674.

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Green, D.A. (2005). Cruel and unusual: Punishment and US culture by B. Jarvis. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 44(2), 222-224.


Comparative penal culture; penal change; media criminology; public opinion; sociology of punishment; punishment and democracy; public policy; legitimacy

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