Deryn Strange

Deryn Strange

Associate Professor
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10.65.14 NB


2006-2008 PostDoc        University of Otago, Psychology
2005 PhD Psychology    Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
2001 BSc Psychology     Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
2000 BA                          Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (Psychology & Education)


Dr. Deryn Strange received her PhD in psychology from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, in 2005. Her advisor was Maryanne Garry, PhD. Her thesis was entitled "Factors that Influence Children's False Memories". She arrived at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in September of 2008 and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology. Her research interests are focused on memory for traumatic events, the techniques that elicit false personal (autobiographical) or false collective memories, and how people acting alone or in larger organizations—such as the media—produce these false memories. 


Dr Strange teaches cognitive psychology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.






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Book Chapters

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