Elaine Yi Lu

Elaine Yi Lu

Elaine Yi Lu
Associate Professor
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Ph.D in Public Administration, School of Public and International Affairs, University of Georgia

MPA, University of Missouri-Columbia


Dr. Elaine Yi Lu's primary research interests are performance budgeting and financial management. Her studies have been published in The Public Budgeting and Finance Journal, The Public Performance and Management Review, State and Local Government Review, The Municipal Finance Journal, The Public Service Performance and etc.  She is devoted to the education of fiscal administration and is particularly interested in experiential learning via service learning and online education.  Over the years, she has served communities in various capacities: blog author at Public Financial Management Blog for the International Monetary Fund (IMF)--Fiscal Affairs Department; advisor for Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)’s project on performance management and measurement in government; member of the Consolidation Committee at the Chamber of Commerce in Broome County, New York; research assistant for the Community Policy Analysis Center at University of Missouri; member of the Student Evaluation of Faculty Committee at John Jay and the faculty liaison of the China project funded by the Open Society. Dr. Lu serves as a reviewer for various prominent journals in public administration. She has received the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award from University of Missouri, the Individual Development Award from SUNY Binghamton, a Service-Learning Grant, and Online Skills Clinic Design Grant. She worked on the report “A Guide to New York City Taxes: History, Issues and Concerns,” sponsored by the Peter J. Solomon Company, L.P., and was awarded a competitive research stipend from the IBM Center for the Business of Government (2011). Yi Lu received her PH.D from the University of Georgia-Athens.

Scholarly Work

Publications: Refereed


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Publications: Book Chapter


  1. Public Decisions In Private Networks: The Implication Of Networking Upward, Downward And Outward Relations For Decision Making in China, a chapter in the book titled “The Road to Collaborative Governance in China,” to be published by Palgrave Macmillan, funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China under Grant [14AZD047]


  1. All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Disaggregating Networks and the Impact on Performance. In G. A. Boyne, K. J. Meier, L. J. O'Toole, Jr. & R. M. Walker (Eds.), Public Service Performance: Perspectives on Measurement and Management (pp. 152-170). New York: Cambridge University Press (2006) (with Laurence J. O'Toole and Kenneth J. Meier).

Publications: Encyclopedia Entry


  1. Project Prioritization and Proposal Evaluation, Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, Second Edition (2009),1:1,1 — 5


Publications: Funded Report


  1. A Guide to New York City Taxes: History, Issues and Concerns, 2011, sponsored by the Peter J. Solomon Company, L.P. (Team Leader: Dr. Marilyn Rubin)


  1. Performance Budgeting in a Down Economy: Worth the Investment? Fall 2012, sponsored by the IBM Center for the Business of Government (With Katherine Willoughby).

Research Summary

Research Interests


  • State and local government fiscal affairs
  • Public budgeting and financial management
  • Performance budgeting
  • Performance assessment and management
  • Interorganizational service delivery
  • Public affairs education
  • International comparative budgeting and public finance
Area of Expertise

Faculty Expertise: topics/keywords


  1. Public Budgeting and Finance
  2. Performance Management
  3. Government Fiscal Reform
  4. Comparative Fiscal Analysis