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Elizabeth Jeglic

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 PhD, SUNY at Binghamton, New York
MA,   SUNY at Binghamton, New York
B.A Honours, University of Ottawa, Ontarion, Canada
BSc. University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Dr. Elizabeth L. Jeglic is aProfessor of Psychology. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Binghamton University. She completed an APA accredited predoctoral internship at the Hudson River Regional Internship Program where she gained expertise in the assessment and treatment of persistent mental illness. During graduate school Dr. Jeglic served as a Junior Program Officer at the Correctional Services of Canada where she developed and evaluated treatment programs for sex offenders. After graduation, Dr. Jeglic completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania under the mentorship of Dr. Aaron T. Beck where she specialized in the assessment and treatment of suicidal behavior and gained expertise in Cognitive Therapy. She is currently a licensed clinical psychologist in New York State. Dr. Jeglic's research interests fall broadly in two domains: (1) the assessment and treatment of suicidal behavior and (2) sex offender assessment, treatment and public policy. She has received grants from the National Institute of Justice and the American Association for Suicide Prevention to fund her research. Her current research interests include evidence based public policy and prevention initiatives.  Dr. Jeglic is a Mentor in the Ronald E. McNair Program. Dr. Jeglic actively mentors students at all levels and is eager to involve them in her research. 



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** Denotes student author


Book Chapters


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2013                            CUNY Collaborative Grant

                                    The Economics of Sex Crime Policy and the Reduction of Sexual                                                                  Recidivism

                                    Co-Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded $29, 480


2012                            PSC CUNY Research Grant

                                    The Predictive Validity of the Emotional Stroop Test

                                    Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded: $5818


2011                            PSC CUNY Research Grant

                                    Test of the Emotional Stroop Test

                                    Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded: $3000



2011                            John Jay Collaborative Research Award

                                    Criminal Trajectories of Sex Offenders

                                    Co-Investigator (PI: Cynthia Mercado)

                                    Amount Awarded: $8000


2008                            CUNY Collaborative Grant

                                    Sex Offender Management, Treatment, and Civil Commitment

                                    Co-Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded: $38,000


2008                            John Jay Research Assistance Program

                                    Sex Offenders in the Community

                                    Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded: $750


2007                            National Institute of Justice (2007-IJ-CX-0037)

                                    Sex Offender Management, Treatment, and Civil Commitment:  An Evidence Based                                                 Analysis Aimed at Reducing Sexual Violence

                                    Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded: $297,985


2007                            Forensic Psychology Research Institute

                                    Predicting Sex Offender Recidivism

                                    Co-Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded: $5000


2007                            John Jay Research Assistance Program

                                    Reaction to Civil Commitment

                                    Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded: $1000


2007                            PSC-CUNY Research Grant

                                    Predicting Sex Offender Recidivism

                                    Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded: $4400


2007                            American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

                                    A Pilot Investigation of Suicidal Behavior among Latino College Students

                                    Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded: $18,260


2006                            John Jay Research Assistance Program

                                    Predicting Sex Offender Recidivism

                                    Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded: $1000


2006                            Forensic Psychology Research Institute

                                    Suicide Among Corrections Officers

                                    Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded: $2940


2006                            Forensic Psychology Research Institute

                                    Intervention for Suicidal Latino Students

                                    Principal Investigator

                                    Amount Awarded: $2700


2005                            Forensic Psychology Research Institute

Stress and Resiliency Project

Principal Investigator

Amount Awarded: $4750


Awards and Scholarships


May 2014                    Master’s Program Mentoring Award

                                    John Jay College

March 2013                 Undergraduate Mentoring Award

                                    John Jay College

March 2009                 Mentoring Award

                                    American Psychological Association Division 12

May 2008                    Faculty Scholarly Excellence Award (2 course releases)

                                    John Jay College

May 2007                    Faculty Scholarly Excellence Award (2 course releases)

                                    John Jay College

December 2006           Faculty Publication Fellowship (1 course release)

                                    City University of New York

Summer 2005              Summer Research Institute for Suicide Prevention

                                    National Institute of Mental Health

Summer 2002              The Vivian Smith Advanced Studies Summer Institute ($1,000)

                                    International Neuropsychological Society, Xylocastro, Greece

2001-2003                   Doctoral Fellowship   ($17,400/year)

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

March 2002                 Binghamton University Excellence in Research Award

                                    State University of New York at Binghamton

May 2001                    Conference Scholarship ($85)

New York State Psychological Association

1998-2002                   Tuition Scholarship ($8,000/year)

                                    State University of New York at Binghamton

June 1999                    Summer Incentive Award (declined) ($2,500)

                             State University of New York at Binghamton

Research interest

Evidence Based Public Policy


Sex Offender Treatment, Assessment and Public Policy; Suicide Assessment and Treatment

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