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Evan Mandery

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JD Harvard Law School
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Evan Mandery is the chairperson of the department of criminal justice and an expert on the death penalty.  A former capital litigator, he is the author of fifteen law review articles on the subject and a textbook currently in its second edition.  He has written a history of the two seminal Supreme Court cases, Furman v. Georgia and Gregg v. Georgia, which will be published by W.W. Norton in the summer of 2013. The title of the book is A Wild Justice. He has also written three novels.  His most recent, Q, was published in 2011 by HarperCollins.


Non-Fiction Books

Mandery, E. (2013). A wild justice: The death and resurrection of capital punishment in America. New York, NY: W.W. Norton

Mandery, E. (2005). Capital punishment: a balanced examination. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett.
Mandery, E. (1999). The campaign: Rudy Giuliani, Ruth Messinger, Al Sharpton and the race to be mayor of New York City. New York: Westview. (Published in paperback as Eyes on City Hall).
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Shlosberg, A., Mandery, E., West, V., and Callaghan, B. (under review). Expungement and post-exoneration offending.

Mandery, E., Shlosberg, A., West, V., and Callaghan, B. (Forthcoming, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, May 2013). Compensation statutes and post-exoneration offending.

Kennedy-Kollar, D. & Mandery, E. (2010). Testing the Marshall Hypothesis and its antithesis: The effect of biased information on death-penalty opinion. Criminal Justice Studies, 23, 65-83.

Professional Journal Articles

Mandery, E & Kennedy, D. (2011). A new direction for Criminal Justice education. The Criminologist, 36, 1-6

Law Review Articles

Mandery, E. and Shemtob, Z. (Forthcoming, New England Law Journal, 2014). Supreme c
onvolution: The capital cases and the nature of Supreme Court decision making.

Shlosberg, A., Mandery, E., and West, V. (2012). The expungement myth. Albany Law Review, 75, 1229-1237

Darehshori, S., Kirchmeier, J., Brady, C. & Mandery, E. (2006). Empire State injustice. Cardozo Public Law, Policy and Ethics Journal, 4, 85-120.
Mandery, E. (2005). Efficiency considerations of compensating the wrongfully convicted. Criminal Law Bulletin, 41, 287-301.
Mandery, E. (2004). Notions of symmetry and self in death penalty jurisprudence, Stanford Law & Policy Review, 15, 471-518.
Mandery, E. (2003). The principles of proportionality review. Criminal Law Bulletin, 39, 157-193.
Mandery, E. (2002). In defense of specific proportionality review. Albany Law Review, 65, 883-934.
Mandery, E. (1996). Due process considerations of in-court identifications. Albany Law Review, 60, 389-424.
Mandery, E. (1994). Qualified immunity or absolute impunity: the moral hazards of extending qualified immunity to lower-level public officials. Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy,17, 479-520.

Mandery, E. (2007). Executing the insane, retribution and temporal justice. Criminal Law Bulletin, 43, 981-985.

Mandery, E.
(2007). Cruel shoes, cruel mothers and the structured consideration of mitigating evidence. Criminal Law Bulletin, 43, 394-407.
Mandery, E. (2006). A human death: legal and ethical restraints on methods of execution. Criminal Law Bulletin, 42, 721-729.
Mandery, E. (2006). Mercy and contrition. Criminal Law Bulletin, 42, 339-346.
Mandery, E. (2004). Massachusetts and the changing debate on the death penalty. Criminal Law Bulletin, 40, 518-522.
Mandery, E. (2004). Innocence as a death penalty issue. Criminal Law Bulletin, 40, 78-82.
Mandery, E. (2003). Federalism and the death penalty. Albany Law Review, 66, 809-813.
Book Chapters & Forewords

Mandery, E. (2011). Foreword to the Quid Pro Books edition of M. Meltsner, Cruel and Unusual: The Supreme Court and Capital Punishment: Quid Pro. 

Mandery, E.
(2006). Foreword. In R. Pilgrim & J. Sorensen, Lethal injection (pp. ix-xi). Austin: University of Texas.
Book Reviews

Mandery, E. (2007). Death lawyering. [Review of the book Litigating in the shadow of death]. Law and Politics Book Review, 17, 147-149.


Mandery, E. (PSC CUNY-41; Research Award Program; $3,000). Assessing Risk Posed by Exonerees. (2010-11)
Mandery, E. (PSC CUNY-39; Research Award Program; $5,000). The Supreme Court and the History of Capital Punishment, 1972-1976. (2008-09)
Mandery, E. (John Jay College; Presidential Research Award; $7,000). Notions of symmetry in death penalty jurisprudence. (2004-05)
Mandery, E. (PSC CUNY-34; Research Award Program; $4,900). The questionable narrowing function of aggravating factors in capital cases. (2003-04)


Capital Punishment

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