Fabio Mattioli

Fabio Mattioli

Fabio Mattioli
Adjunct Professor


2010-present Ph.D Student, Cultural Anthropology, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York, USA.

2009                M.A. Social Anthropology , Ecole Des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS). Paris, France. 

2007                B.A.   Political Philosophy , Università Degli Studi di Firenze. Firenze, Italy. 



2011                L’espace Public et la Fragmentation Ethnique: le Cas de Skopje. Saarbrucken: Editions Universitaires Europeennes.


Under Review The Dangers of Kompenzacija: in-kind payments, hierarchies, and loss of value in Skopje, Macedonia.

2014                Unchanging Boundaries: Politics of Heritage and Exclusion in Skopje, Macedonia. The International Journal of Heritage Studies 20(06): 599-615.

2013                The property of Food. Geographical Indications, Slow Food, Genuino Clandestino and the Politics of Property. Ethnologia Europaea 43(02): 47-61.      

2013                 The Social Lives of Postsocialism. With Borelli, C. Laboratorium 5(1):4-13.

2012                Conflicting Convivialities: Ethnic forms of resistance to border-making at the bottom of the US embassy of Skopje, Macedonia Journal Of Borderland Studies 27(02): 185-198.

2012                Introduzione: Quale Spazio? Questioni Metodologiche. With Ceccherini, F. Peruzzi, A. Post 3: 1-7

2012                Non-Non Luoghi. Post 3: 44-60

2009                La Ville et Ses Absences : Skopje, Charsija. In : Ortiz, M. Derens, J.A. Geslin. L. Bazars Ottomans des Balkans. Paris: Non Lieux.

Special Issues Edited

2013                Social Lives of Postsocialism. With Caterina Borelli, Laboratorium 5(1):4.

2012                 Quale Spazio? With Filippo Ceccherini, Federico Peruzzi. Post 3:1-7.

Book Chapters

Under Review Etnografia di una Crisi Normale. Crisiscape, Vrski, e Riflessione Antropologica a Skopje, Macedonia. With Bela Belojevikj. In Antonio Pusceddu, Tiziana Lanfranco, eds. Ne Vicino Ne Lontano: Etnografie Italiane del Sud Est Europa. Firenze: SEID.

2014                Regimes of Aesthetics: competing performances around the Skopje 2014 Plan. In: Tanja Petrovic, Mirroring Europe. Ideas of Europe and Europeanization in Balkan Societies. Pp. 64-88. Leiden, Brill.

2013                Dreaming the Privatized Skopje. In: Vasilis Nitsiakos, Ioannis Manos, Georgios Angelopulos, Aliki Angelidou, Vassilis Dalkavoukis, , eds. Balkan Border Crossing, 3rd Annual of the Konitsa Summer School. Pp. 121-149. Munster: Lit Verlag.


My current research project is titled Losing Value: illiquidity, personhood and the return of authoritarianism in Macedonia.

Based on 12 months of research in the building trade supported by the Wenner-Gren foundation, Losing Values is the story of how Macedonia’s authoritarian system exploited the financial crisis to destroy citizens’ moral and material lives and remold them as new political subjects. Narrated from the perspective of workers at the margins of the Macedonian political system, Losing Values shows how labor becomes a sterile activity, emptied of any economic value without political patronage of the ruling party (the VMRO). Soon, male workers impoverished by vicious debt and value conversion mechanisms lose control over their intimate social relations. Broke, isolated, challenged in their masculine identity, these workers find an existential anchor in opportunistic and rent-seeking behaviors — the very moral values that the VMRO banks upon to rule Macedonia. Reborn as subjects of authoritarianism, workers become the building block of illiberal politics, a process that is reshaping the landscape of the Eastern periphery of the European Union.


Research interest

Economic anthropology, finance and financialization, debt and credit, political economy

Urban anthropology, construction industry and urban food sovereignty

Authoritarianism, informal political networks (i.e. corruption), privatization

Emerging technologies, online sexualities, masculinity

Nationalism, ethnicity, migration

Emerging Europe (Eastern Europe, Balkans, Macedonia) and PIIGS, New York City.