Irina Zakirova

Irina Zakirova

Irina Zakirova
Adjunct Assistant Professor
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PhD in Legal Studies 
MA in Criminal Justice 
MA in Journalism
First Professional Degree in Law   



2015 "Being the Criminal Justice System is Never Having to Say You're Sorry: The Importance of the Apology When Deliberations Wrongfully Convict". Eastern Communication Association, Philadelphia, PA.

The Pain Within My Soul


Course Taught

CJBS 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice BS

CJBS 250 - Research Methods and Statistics for Criminal Justice

CJBS 300 - Criminal Justice: Theory in Practice

CJBS 415 - Capstone Seminar for BS in Criminal Justice

Scholarly Work

2021 - Lozina, A., Kružić, I., Banovac, A., Bogunović, D., Bašić, Ž., Zakirova, I., Rayner, J., & Smith, M. (2021). Utilizing Human Remains for Science: Ethical, Legal, and Scientific Issues in Croatia, United Kingdom and the United States. Beijing Law Review, 12, 161-176.

2019 - "An Analysis of Issues at Pre-Trial Proceedings Leading to Wrongful Convictions in 'No Crime' Cases: There was No Crime, but They Did the Time" - Albany Law Review for Miscarriages of Justice Issue 82(3), p. 843-71

2018 - "Forensic Evidence in Wrongful Conviction Cases: From Being a Right-Hand Man to Becoming a Snake in the Grass" - Albany Law Review for Miscarriages of Justice Issue 81(3), p. 877-84

2015 - The Pain within my Soul: Short Stories about Crime and Life-   Published by Create Space Independent Publishing Platform

2014 - Heaven’s Chancellery – Published by University Press of America


Research Summary

2005 -  Compensation for Damages Caused by Mass Media. (Russian)

2015 - Compensation for Damages Caused by Wrongful Conviction. John Jay College of Criminal Justice


Area of Expertise

Most requested topics by media

Courts, Procedural Justice & Sentencing
Criminal Justice / Crime Prevention & Reduction
Forensic Evidence
Law Enforcement / Policing / Police-Community Relations

Faculty Expertise: topics/keywords

wrongful conviction, trial proceedings, exoneration, compensation for damages