Kenneth J. Grossberger, MS, CPP

Kenneth J. Grossberger, MS, CPP

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Haaren Hall - 55312


BA - Political Science and Philosophy - Fordham University, 1973

MS - Protection Management, John Jay College, 2008

MPhil - Criminal Justice - CUNY, 2017

Doctoral Candidate (ABD)  - Criminal Justice - CUNY



Kenneth J. Grossberger is a Lecturer of Public Administration teaching graduate classes in Research Methods, Human Resources, Public Policy, Government Ethics, Fraud Waste and Abuse and Courts Administration.  He is also a professional security consultant and President of Metro Consulting Services LLC, and a Vice President of Elite Investigations Ltd.  He is member of the American Society of Criminology, ASIS International and the American Criminal Justice Society.  He holds an MS in Protection Management from John Jay College, an MPhil in Criminal Justice from CUNY and a BA in Political Science from Fordham University. He is a doctoral candidate (ABD) in criminal justice at CUNY. He is also a Certified Protection Professional (ASIS) and is board certified in security management.


JJC Affiliations

MPA program - Department of Public Management

Professional Memberships

American Criminal Justice Society
American Criminology Society
ASIS International

Course Taught

Department of Criminal Justice

CRJ 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice (undergraduate)

CRJ 715 – Research Methods, Executive Masters of Arts program – New York City Police Department

Department of Protection Management

CRJ 711 - Emergency Management (graduate)

Department of Public Management

PAD 702 - Human Resources Management (graduate)

PAD 715 - Research Methods (graduate)

PAD 739 - Public Policy in a Political Setting (graduate)

PAD 740 - Inspector General Oversight and Inspection (graduate)

PAD 758 – Ethics in Government (graduate)

PAD 760 – Courts Administration (graduate)

Scholarly Work

  • “User-Centered Design – The Leadership Factor” - Security Director Magazine, 2006
  • “Managing National Accounts – The Use of Subcontracting and Networking” – Security Director Magazine – 2007
  • “The GOPs Stake in a ‘Golden Borders” Immigration Policy” – The Ripon Forum, 1989

Honors and Awards

Criminal Justice Honor Society - 2008
Dean’s List – John Jay College – Master’s program – 2006, 2007, 2008

Research Summary

Kenneth J. Grossberger is working on research that posits that public distrust of government has increased because of the criminal behavior of federal legislators over time, due, at least in part, to the polarization in Congress (which causes excessive in-fighting and a lack of legislative production), and therefore it is critical to study how Congress deals with the corruption of its members. The research examines the punishment of U.S. federal legislators for criminal corruption in the context of time. The legislators in this study are few in proportion to the number of those who have served in the U.S. Congress, and those accused of crimes come from a wide array of demographics and backgrounds, but the research is important due to its effects in the insitution of Congress and the electorate. This mixed-method work has 135 cases in the research database, and while small in number the effects of these cases loom large on the political landscape.  All the legislators in this study were accused of crimes.  Most were indicted, convicted and punished, and Congress needs to formulate policies that address the illicit behaviors of those members who engaged in crime in order to protect the institution of Congress and to ensure a sense of justice. 

He has also worked on research in political corruption, deterrence theory, Sutherland's theory of differential association and the theory of mediated corruption.



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Criminal Justice / Crime Prevention & Reduction

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White Collar Crime

Political corruption

Deterrence theory


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