Peggilee Wupperman

Peggilee Wupperman

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Before joining the John Jay/CUNY faculty, she completed a predoctoral internship and NIDA-funded post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine, as well as a DBT postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Washington. Dr. Wupperman’s research interests focus on (a) psychotherapy development and evaluation; (b) conceptualization and treatment of emotion dysregulation, behavior dysregulation and substance-use disorders; and (c) the predictive effects of mindfulness and emotion-regulation skills on mental health and well-being. She is currently conducting a grant-funded clinical trial of a transdiagnostic psychotherapy (Mindfulness & Modification Therapy) she developed to target behavioral dysregulation.


(a) psychotherapy development and evaluation; (b)conceptualization and treatment of emotional dysregulation, behavioraldysregulation, and substance-use disorders; (c) predictive effects ofmindfulness and emotion-regulation skills on mental health, (d) DialecticalBehavior Therapy and borderline personality disorder.

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