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Peter Moskos

Peter Moskos
Assistant Professor
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2004 PhD Harvard University, (Sociology)
2004 MA   Harvard University, (Sociology)
1994 AB    Princeton University, (Sociology)


Peter Moskos, a former police officer, is an assistant professor in the Department of Law and Police Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He also teaches at the City University of New York's Doctoral Program in Sociology and Laguardia Community College in Queens.
Moskos's first book, Cop in the Hood, won the 2008 PROSE Award for Best Book in Sociology. His latest book is In Defense of Flogging. Along with academic publications, Moskos has reached policy makers and the broader public through magazines and newspapers including the The New York Times, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, American Interest, U.S. News & World Report, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Washington Monthly, Macleans, and his acclaimed blog,
Moskos specializes in police culture, crime prevention, qualitative methods, and ending the war on drugs.



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Cited: Petition for Rehearing (denied), submitted to US Supreme Court, 99-1408 Atwater, et al. v. Lago Vista, Texas, et al. June 2001.

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$50,000 grant to study the police use of confidential informants (co-P.I.).

$4,000 grant from the PSC-CUNY Research Award to study the relationship between drug policy, police culture, and arrests in the Netherlands and the United States.

$18,000 grant from the Niarchos Foundation to co-author the third edition of the book Greek Americans with the author of the first two editions, Professor Charles Moskos of Northwestern University.


Police patrol and crime prevention, drug violence, police culture, community policing and terrorism, police/minority relations, qualitative methods.

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