Yuliya Zabyelina

Yuliya Zabyelina

Yuliya Zabyelina
Assistant Professor
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PhD University of Trento (Italy)
Jacobs University Bremen (Germany)


Yuliya Zabyelina is Assistant Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York. She holds a PhD degree in International Studies from the University of Trento and Transcrime (Italy), where she studied the role of state failure in furthering opportunities for transnational organized crime. Before moving to the United States, she held a postdoctoral position at the University of Edinburgh School of Law and lectured at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. At John Jay College, Dr. Zabyelina primarily teaches in the BA and MA programs in International Criminal Justice. She has been recognized with several professional awards, including the Newton Fellowship (2013), SAGE Junior Faculty Teaching Award (2015), Aleksanteri Institute Visiting Scholars Fellowship (2015), and Donald EJ MacNamara Junior Faculty Award (2016).

Courses taught

  • ICJ 101 Introduction to International Crime and Justice
  • ICJ 401 Capstone Seminar in International Crime and Justice
  • POL 260 International Relations
  • POL 325  The Politics of Transnational Crime
  • POL 385 Supervised Research Experience in Political Science
  • POL 387 Faculty Mentored Research
  • ICJ 380 Selected Topics in International Criminal Justice
  • ICJ/PAD 762 Corruption and Global Economy (face-to-face and online)
  • ICJ 706 Transnational Crime  (face-to-face and online)

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Refereed journal articles


Books, book chapters and encyclopaedia entries 


Non-refereed publications (selected)

  • Zabyelina, Y., 2015. Drug Trafficking Trends in the Baltic Sea Region. The Baltic Rim Economies, BRE 5/December. 
  • Zabyelina, Y., 2015. Mine Control: Conflict and Crime Threaten Ukrainian Coal Mining. Jane’s Intelligence Review, October 2, pp. 44-47.
  • Zabyelina, Y., 2015. Elite consolidation in Ukraine through the lustration law? Aleksanteri Insight, 14 September 2014/Issue 4. 
  • Tupman, B., and Zabyelina, Y., 2015. Organised Crime Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Editorial). Journal of Money Laundering Control, Vol. 18(2), pp. 202-219. 
  • Zabyelina, Y., 2015. Lying in Wait: Ukraine’s Criminal Gangs Thrive on Separatism. Jane’s Intelligence Review, March 24, pp. 42-45.
  • Zabyelina, Y., 2013. Energy Sapping: Oil Theft in Russia’s North Caucasus. Jane’s Intelligence Review, January 16. 
  • Zabyelina, Y., 2012. Brides or Victims? Some Contentious Points of the Debate on the Mail-Order Bride Industry. VIDC Newsletter 22, Wiener Institut für Internationalen Dialog und Zusammenarbeit. 
  • Zabyelina, Y., 2012. Cross Over: The New Mexico-US Border Strategy. Jane’s Intelligence Review, January 5.


Book reviews (selected)

  • Zabyelina, Y., 2015. Greene, S., Moscow in Movement: Power and Opposition in Putin’s Russia (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2014), Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 67(10), pp. 1716-1717. 
  • Zabyelina, Y., 2014. Popova, M., Politicized Justice in Emerging Democracies: A Study of Courts in Russia and Ukraine (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012), Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 66 (7), pp. 1207-1209. 
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  • Zabyelina, Y., 2013. Gilman, N., Goldhammer, J., & Weber, S., Deviant Globalization: Black Market Economy in the 21st Century (New York: Continuum, 2011), Political Studies Review, Vol. 11 (3), p. 421-422. 

Research interest

  • transnational organized crime
  • international/transnational criminal law
  • (anti)-corruption and asset recovery
  • failed/weak states and state-building
  • post-Soviet politics