Family Programs

Family Programs


Welcome to John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In 2014 the Office of Student Transition Programs began programming for family members in recognition of the vital role parents and family members play in the academic success of their students.  Because family members are a very important part of the College community, we will make every effort to promote family communication and involvement. Whether you are family members of new or returning students, we hope your experience with John Jay is positive and rewarding.

This website will help you stay connected to the College. We will provide you information about our services and benefits and will keep you informed about campus activities and events. Also included is information that will serve as a resource throughout your student’s college career.

If you need personal service, send your request to or call the Family Hotline at (646) 557-4888.

Our office creates dynamic, student-centered experiences to inspire purposeful transitions and equip students and their family members with resources, guidance and peer connections. Student transitions such as the first year of college, transfer experience, degree completion, and new graduate student experiences are critical junctures in the educational pipeline and provide unique opportunities for postsecondary student learning and development. 

Assist family members in navigating campus resources, services, and programs

Assist family members in supporting their students and empowering them to take responsibility while enrolled at the College

Enhance communication between the College and family members

Develop a sense of community amongst John Jay families to provide support, advice, and opportunities for involvement.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or have other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime at or 646.557.4888.


Office Name Phone Number Campus Location
Academic Advisement 646-557-4872     L.73.12 NB 
Accessibility Services 212-237-8031 L.66.00 NB
Athletics 212-237-8371 421T
Center for Career and Professional Development 212-237-8754 L.72.00 NB
Center for English Language Support 646-557-4506 L2.75.00NB
Children’s Center 212-393-6438 L3.61.00NB
Community Outreach and Service Learning 646-557-4820 L.72.14 NB
Counseling Center 212-237-8111 L.68.00 NB
CUNY Alert 212-237-8200
Dean of Students 212-237-8211 L.65.00 NB
Department of Information Technology (DoIT) 212-237-8200 L2.63 NB
Financial Aid 212-237-8151 1280N
Fitness Center 212-237-8633 601T
Foreign Language Lab 212-484-1140 7.64 NB
Health Center 212-237-8052 L. 67.00 NB
Honors Program 212-237-8553 8.64 NB   
International Studies and Programs 212-484-1839 1101N
Jay Express 212-663-7867 L.69 NB
Library 212-237-8250 Haaren Hall
Math and Science Resource Center (MSRC) 646-557-4635 1.94 NB
Pre Law Institute and Fellowship Office 646-557-4804 1100 N
Public Safety 212-237-8524 L2.61.01 NB
Registrar 646-781-5081 1280N
SEEK 212-237-8169 3101N
Student Academic Success Programs (SASP) 212-484-1130 100 W
Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (CSIL)  212-237-8698 L2.71 NB
Student Relations/Team Civility 212-237-8871 L.65 NB  
Student Transition Programs (STP) 646-557-4888 L2.70.01 NB
Urban Male Initiative (UMI) 646-557-4557 L.73.01 NB
Veteran’s Resources 212-484-1329 3141N
Women’s Center 212-237-8184 L.67.10 NB
Writing Center 212-237-8569 1.68 NB


 John Jay is proud of our community of parents and family members who are engaged and excited about their student’s experience. We understand the need for connection and communication with campus offices, which is why all family members of undergraduate students are members of the John Jay College’s Family Association.

As members of the Family Association we will keep you informed and connected to university life through a variety of communications and benefits including:

  • Assistance and Resources – Use the Office of Student Transition Programs as your first stop! Call 646.557.4888 or email  with any questions and concerns.


You automatically become a member of the Family if you attend Family Orientation–look for your copy of the Bloodhound Bulletin in your email inbox. If you did not attend Family Orientation, you may join our Family Association by filling out this form.