I got a FIA letter in the mail, can I get it filled out here at this office?
Yes! We are the exact department on campus that completes FIA forms for TAG to process.

How do I get my FIA form completed?
Come to our Walk-In Hours which are Tuesdays & Wednesdays, Beginning 1:00pm, our last sign-in is at 2:45pm promptly, or schedule an appointment with your CUNY EDGE advisor.

You must bring with you print-outs of the following items:

  • Letter of enrollment, which can be obtained from Jay Express or your CUNY First account under the "My Academics" tab
  • Bursar's Receipt or Financial Aid Award Letter, which can be obtained from Jay Express or your CUNY First account
  • Your weekly class schedule
  • Your FIA letter


How do I know who my advisor in CUNY EDGE is?
If you are a freshman or sophmore, your advisor is Soheila Fortuna.
If you are a junior or senior, your advisor is Yelena Meytes and or MSW Social Work Interns.

I want to participate in the Work-Study Program through CUNY EDGE, how can I apply?
TAG assigns student to complete Work-Study hours on campus with CUNY EDGE after processing their hours listed on their submitted FIA. CUNY EDGE is NOT able to have students apply, nor are we able to select the participants, this is decided solely by TAG.
If you are selected to complete Work-Study hours, our coordinator will reach out to you for your designated orientation date.


My HRA appointment is in the next 48 hours and I can't attend walk-in hours or make an appointment in time, what do I do?
Contact your advisor, if you are not able to get through to them, contact the CUNY EDGE Direct Line at 212-237-8018--leave a voicemail if neccesary, or email at cunyedge@jjay.cuny.edu. Someone will contact you within 24 hours.


How do I make an appointment with my advisor?
Sign on to John Jay Careers Online and use the scheduling tool, if you are unable to sign in please call 212-237-8754 or email careers@jjay.cuny.edu.