Q1. I received a 73 on my ELA, can I still participate in the program?
A. —yes, students can enroll in the program, however, you cannot take a 3-credit college course http://www.jjay.cuny.edu/admission-requirements.  Students can enroll in the Counseling 110 course (1-college credit).

Q2. I attend a private school in NYC, can I participate in College Now?
A. — students can participate/enroll in College Now if you attend a New York City public high school OR your private school tuition is paid for with public funds (for students with disabilities only) OR you are homeschooled and can provide proof of registration with the New York City Department of Education https://k16.cuny.edu/collegenow/faqs/#1542059371371-6c4dbe5d-e241

Q3. How many college credits can I earn through College Now?
A. —Students may earn a maximum of 12 credits through the College Now program.

Q4. Will I receive college credits or high school credits for a workshop? 
A. —no, students do not earn credits for workshop activities.

Q5. Do you have any program available in the summer?
A. —yes. Law and Criminal Justice Summer Institute (CJSI) is designed to provide students with foundational knowledge of the American criminal justice system. Through classroom instruction, guest lectures and hands-on activities students learn the about the historical and contemporary workings of our criminal justice in practice.

Q6. —How do I transfer my credits?
A. —students enrolled in a college credit course may transfer their credits in several ways.  Students can request a copy of their transcript ONLINE, IN PERSON or BY MAIL http://www.jjay.cuny.edu/online.

Q7. How much does it cost to request an official copy of my transcript? 
A. —the fee to obtain an official or unofficial copy of your transcript is $7.00 per transcript.  In addition, there may be an additional fee of $1.75 if you utilize the online service http://www.jjay.cuny.edu/online.

Q8. Can I check the status of my online transcript request?
A.  —Yes! To check the status of your online transcript request visit http://www.jjay.cuny.edu/online.

Q9. What are the steps in preparing for college?
A. —the College Boards provide an array of information for both students and parents for questions that you may have https://www.collegeboard.org/.