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Application Policies (Randall and Totten Island Students)

1. Completed Application and Acceptance
Before we can involve ourselves, please complete the necessary Admission processes to assure acceptance into our program.  Visit https://www.jjay.cuny.edu/inserviceprograms to start your application.

Sealed Transcripts should be sent to the attention of the:

John Jay College
Office of Admissions
524 West 59th Street, L.64
New York, NY  10019

2. Waiver of General Education Requirements
The College provides a waiver of certain general education requirements if proof of completion be provided from the New York City Police Academy, the New York City Firefighters’ Academy and the New York City Department of Corrections. However, those credits will be waived only if the student has at least 28 credits from an accredited institution in the following disciplines:

English Composition
Foreign Language
Fine Arts
Social Science

3. Choosing General Education Courses
What you have to take as to general education requirements will vary depending on your background, amount of credits earned and a host of other variables.   Generally, FDNY students are given a generous exemption from certain general education requirements.  Read Form A (NYC Corrections, Firefighter, and Police Academy general Education Exemption Applicationand then fill out accordingly to track your degree progress as to general education.

4. Life Experience Credits
Credit for life experience also counts in your pursuit of the BA/BS degree in Fire Science or Fire and Emergency Services.  FDNY Academy credits are automatically granted in accordance with long time university policy. 

5. Additional Credits
Academy graduates will receive credits as follows:
FDNY:  17 credits
NYPD:  36 credits
NYCA:  Up to 18 credits (after September 1995)

6. Other Life Experience Credits
Other options exist for credit approval as well, especially if you have taken advanced courses at the FDNY, the Emergency Management Institute, the National Fire Academy and the National Emergency Training Institute.   To see whether you have had courses from these agencies already approved for college credit, visit the American Council on Education website.

In addition, the State University of New York has evaluated a host of other programs for college credit equivalency through its college credit service.  Visit the National College Credit Recommendation Service website

The American Council also tracks credit for military training. Visit website

Note: In no instance shall more than 45 credit hours be awarded for life experience credit. 

At our department web location, you can also find the specific courses that will transfer to John Jay if you have had the training. See Department of Security, Fire, and Emergency Management website

Guidelines and instructions for how to receive a transcript which confirms your training are fully available here.

Note: Decisions regarding the suitability and acceptability of said credits are the judgment of the Office of the Registrar and Admissions.   While the department will do all in its power to see that credits work towards a degree program of study, it cannot guarantee a specific amount of credit that will be deemed worthy of acceptance.

7. Immunization Records
Your immunization records are very important (NYS law says you cannot register without them).   You can contact the FDNY health office at 718-999-1919.  Send the completed immunization records to the John Jay Health office.  Their fax number is 212-237-8026.  If you have any problems regarding your immunization records, please contact the HEALTH OFFICE at 212-237-8053.

Tuition Reimbursement Information 
For Information on Tuition Reimbursement please contact Jackie Merveil, FDNY College Registrar, at Fort Totten Building Room 405 or via phone at 718-281-8465.