Final Exam Reviews

Final Exam Reviews

Spring 2017 - MSRC Final Exam Review Sessions

When are the review sessions?

Final review Sessions will take place at the end of the semester. Check back for specific days and times.

What happens in a final exam review session? 

An MSRC tutor will go over sample problems from review sheets provided by instructors from the Math Department. Part One sessions will cover the first half of the review sheet. Part Two sessions will cover the second half. It’s a good idea to sign up for both a Part One and a Part Two session for your course. It’s also a good idea to print the review sheet in advance and try the problems before you come. The review sheets we’ll be using will be available for you to print from the MSRC web site one week in advance.

How do I sign up for a review session?

Log on to TutorTrac using your John Jay ID and password, just like you would to schedule a tutoring appointment. You can access TutorTrac here.

After you click "Search Availability" you will need to enter your search parameters. Choose the following:

1. For Center: Choose "Math_and_Science_Resource_Center"

2. For Section (Subject): Instead of choosing your actual section, choose one of the workshop sections. They look like this:

1 105 (MAT 105 Review Session Part 1)

2 105 (MAT 105 Review Session Part 2)

1 108 (MAT 108 Review Session Part 1)

2 108 (MAT 108 Review Session Part 2)

3. For Reason: Choose "Review Session"

Then click the Search button. If there are seats available for the sessions you want, they will appear. Click on the time you want. A new window will pop up confirming the details of the session (subject, time, date). Be sure to click SAVE to save your seat!

Showing Up

Review sessions are held in the Workshop/Study Room inside the MSRC, room 01.94. If you reserve a seat, please arrive a few minutes early so you can check in at the desk before proceeding to the workshop room. We usually have a large number of students wanting to attend review sessions on a walk-in basis. To accommodate them, we cannot hold your seat past the scheduled start time. If you'd like to have a copy of the review sheet during the workshop, please print one from our website in advance.

What if there are no seats left?

You are welcome to show up on the day of the review session and wait to see if a seat becomes available due to a last minute cancellation or a no-show. Don't forget, you can also schedule appointments for tutoring! 

Review Sheets:

Review sheets for the Spring 2017 semester will be posted closer to the end of the semester. Please check back later.

Math 105:

Math 108:

Math 141:

Math 241:

Math 242:


A review sheet should never be the only tool you use to prepare for the departmental final. Review sheets are made available to the MSRC through the generosity of the individual faculty who prepare them. Neither the faculty nor the MSRC guarantees that the small number of problems on these sheets represents every type of problem that could appear on your final exam. Knowing how to do all of the problems on a review sheets does not guarantee that you will earn a passing grade. Remember, if it's in your syllabus, it could be on the final whether or not it's on the review sheet. Solutions to these problems will not be posted. However, you are welcome to print any of these review sheets and bring them to your next tutoring session.


Last updated: 02/14/2017