Final Exam Schedules

Final Exam Schedules

Undergraduate Final Exam Schedule – Fall 2021

Graduate Final Exam Schedule – Fall 2021 

Departmental Final Exam Schedule

The schedule for real-time final examinations for the Fall 2021 semester appear above. Given the remote nature of many courses for the current term, we wish to provide some additional clarification for students and instructors:

For courses offered in a synchronous or mixed-synchronous modality, instructors may offer final exams either in real-time on the day and at the time indicated on the final exam schedule that matches the meeting pattern for the course, or may choose a longer window to for students to complete and submit a final exam. For synchronous and mixed-synchronous courses not holding a final exam, the scheduled final exam period may be used for a final class meeting.

For courses being offered asynchronously, faculty may choose a reasonable window during which students may complete and submit their final exam or last assignment. Asynchronous courses may not offer final exams in real-time, two-hour windows.

All windows for submission of work for the Fall 2021 term must close by Tuesday, December 21st.

As noted on the academic calendar, Tuesday, December 14th is a Reading Day. These days are intended for student study and review. No required meetings or examinations may be held on this date except for courses offering departmental final exams. The list of courses with departmental finals appears on the final exam schedule.