Find Students

Find Students

Find Student Research Assistants

Looking for students to work with? There are many ways to find them.

Often the best way to find students whose interests and motivations most closely match with your research efforts is to recruit students from specific courses. You can (and perhaps should!) talk about your research in your courses and when you do, you can mention that students can be involved. If you put the opportunity out there, you may find that students will find you.

How we can help

The OUR can help you find students.

Post your opening – We can post your opening on our web page. Students interested in research will be visiting our web page for a variety of reasons, so this is an excellent forum to reach potential undergraduate research assistants. In addition, we will periodically hold workshops and engage in student outreach in order to publicize these opportunities. Click here to view some of the recruitment postings that are currently posted.

Targeted recruitment emails – If you would like to send a recruitment email to students who match a certain profile, we can do that for you. We can help you construct your recruitment message and then help you select the criteria that define your targeted population. You can refine your search using a variety of parameters including majors or minors, credits earned, specific courses taken, even GPA. Send us an email and we can set this up for you.

In either case, we can also help you screen and select your student researchers by meeting with them before we send them to meet you. By doing so, we aim to prepare students for the research experience and to let them know about the OUR support structures that are present for students who become research assistants.

Additional suggestions for finding an undergraduate research assistant can be found by following the links below: