First Year Seminar Syllabus

First Year Seminar Syllabus

The first year seminar syllabus is one of the first documents your students will review in college. Engaging in a class discussion to analyze the syllabus can clarify your expectations and help students to plan for the semester. When you include your grading schema on the syllabus, students can also refer to this document to gauge their progress in class at critical points in the semester. Read more about the first day of class and students’ expectations here

A First Year Seminar syllabus should include the following elements:

  • Faculty contact information
  • Success Team information (you receive this information from SASP prior to the start of the semester)
  • Course description
  • FYS learning outcomes, adapted to integrate your course content.
  • Any additional course outcomes
  • Any texts students are required to purchase
  • Grading Breakdown
  • Course Calendar
  • Statement on accessibility
  • Statement on plagiarism

FYS Syllabus Samples

Getting the syllabus to talk to all students

Substitution List for FYSs