First Year Seminars

First Year Seminars

First Year Seminars

When you embark on your Academic Journey at John Jay, you have the opportunity to explore your areas of interest while building your unique path as a fierce advocate for justice

What are Areas of Interest (AoI)? 

As an incoming first-year student, you may come to John Jay with one focused interest or eager to explore many interests. Either way, your first semester selection of an AoI will allow you to explore both your initial interest and other areas of interest through course work, events, and opportunities. By the end of your first year of exploration, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions about your major/minor and your future career path. 

What are First Year Seminars (FYS)? 

Your First Year Seminar (FYS) broadly aligns with your AoI and is a small, hands-on class in which you work closely with your professor and classmates to explore justice issues and what it means to be a fierce advocate for justice. You’ll have the opportunity to conduct research guided by your professor and share it at the end-of-semester First Year Student Showcase. To ensure you have what you need to succeed in this course and your first year at John Jay, you will be supported by a Student Success Team comprised of your FYS professor, peer success coach, staff mentor, and academic advisor. This team will provide ongoing guidance, answer your questions about college, connect you with a ton of resources, and keep you informed about upcoming deadlines, events, and opportunities. 

Spring 2023 First Year Seminars

Fall 2022 Areas of Interest & First Year Seminars