●  Parent /Guardian Notification and Consent Form
     ●  College Now Student Commitment Contract
     ●  18 or Older Consent Form 
     ● Change of Document Personal Information Form (CDPIF) 

Students participating in the College Now program are required to complete and submit a completed Parent /Guardian Notification and Consent Form. Print and complete the Parent /Guardian Notification and Consent Form and return by the first day of class.

A Change of Document Personal Information Form (CDPIF) may be completed to correct any of the following (name, date of birth, or SSN). The College Now Office will NEVER call you for your SSN.

Please note the following:
          ●  Any changes to your Social Security Number requires a signed original Social Security Card. A copy 
              will be 
by college officials.
          ●  The student must submit original proof of birth date to change the incorrect date of birth. A copy will be
              made by college officials.
          ●  All name changes must be accompanied by the original supporting documentation (i.e., birth certificate).
              College officials will make a copy.  

          ●  All documents submitted become the legal property of the college and may not be surrendered back
          ●  Change of Permanent Address

John Jay JSTOP

If you were assigned an “External ID” number, you could change the assigned number to your SSN by completing a Change of Document Personal Information Form (CDPIF). The form should be completed and returned with the original documentation to Jay Express Services.

Jay Express Services located at
524 West 59th Street
New Building, Room L.67.10