●  Change of Document Personal Information Form (CDPIF) 
     ●  Parent /Guardian Notification and Consent Form
     ●  18 or Older Consent Form 
     ●  College Now Student Commitment Contract

Students participating in the College Now program are required to complete and submit a completed Parent /Guardian Notification and Consent Form. Print and complete the Parent /Guardian Notification and Consent Form and return by the first day of class.

A Change of Document Personal Information Form (CDPIF) may be completed to correct any of the following (name, date of birth, or SSN).

Please note the following:
          ●  Any changes to your Social Security Number requires a signed original Social Security Card. A copy 
              will be 
by college officials.
          ●  The student must submit original proof of birth date to change the incorrect date of birth. A copy will be
              made by college officials.
          ●  All name changes must be accompanied by the original supporting documentation (i.e. birth certificate).
              A copy will be made by college officials.  

          ●  All documents submitted become the legal property of the college and may not be surrendered back
nd/or copied. 
          ●  Change of Permanent Address

John Jay JSTOP

If you were assigned an “External ID” number you can change the assigned number to your SSN by completing a Change of Document Personal Information Form (CDPIF). The form should be completed and returned with the original documentation to Jay Express Services; an appointment may be required. 

Jay Express Services located at
524 West 59th Street
New Building, Room L.67.10
To book an appointment, visit select service and click "Book an appointment".