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Freshman Milestones

Freshman Milestones

The Freshman Milestones chart your progress along the Academic Journeyand help you focus on what matters most in order to successfully complete the freshman year and prepare for the sophomore challenges ahead. Each milestone will bring you closer to achieving the freshman milestones and ultimately your academic and career goals.


Connect with students, professors, and campus events

You will start to build a network to give you support and advice, let you know about opportunities and resources, and provide you with letters of recommendations for internships and scholarships.

Your next steps:

  • Get to know your peer mentor and students in your classes. Exchange emails and rely on each other during the semester.
  • Introduce yourself to your professors, visit their office hours, and email them for advice and feedback.
  • Ask your peer mentor about attending campus events where you can meet professors, staff, and other students.

Use advising and academic support to complete 30 credits with a good GPA

This will keep you on track to graduate in four years and will make you eligible for scholarships, internships, and other opportunity programs.

Your next steps:

  • Plan each semester schedule with an academic advisor.
  • Read your syllabus carefully. Talk to your professor about what is expected for the class. Get regular feedback about how you're doing in class.
  • Visit the academic tutoring centers and learn how they can help you excel in your classes. Attend Go Ahead with Tutoring on September 16, 2014, Room L2.85.

Explore your strengths, interests and possible academic and career paths

Your next steps:

  • Think about what you enjoy studying, talk to professors, advisors, and other students about your interests, and visit the Career Center to take the Strong Interest Inventory.
  • Meet with an academic advisor to discuss what majors and minors match your interests and strengths.
  • Meet with a career counselor to discuss what career opportunities would be the right fit for you.