Fire Science Institute

Fire Science Institute


Fire Safety Education by Fire Professionals

In the city that never sleeps, with breathtaking skyscrapers as part of the landscape, NYC’s high rises are among the world’s safest buildings. Since the enactment of Local Law 5 in 1973, one of the most important pieces of legislation in building safety history, buildings more than 100 feet in height are mandated to have a fire safety evacuation plan, a fire safety director and other key fire safety provisions, to ensure adequate protection of the property and its occupants.  

The Fire Science Institute was established in 1978 by Richard Abbott, an adjunct lecturer at John Jay College and retired FDNY fire captain, at the request of Fire Commissioner John O’Hagan to bring firefighting professionals up to date with Local Law 5, and provide ongoing career training opportunities. It is our mission to help professionals in the firefighting and security fields to meet daily challenges while continuing  preparations to prevent the next disaster.

Almost forty years since the inception of the Fire Science Institute, we remain one of the leading institutions in fire safety education in New York City. Our year round program offerings include:


We firmly believe in fire safety education by fire professionals as the best approach to delivering the necessary training by learning from practitioners in the field. With a proud legacy to uphold, our mission remains steadfast under the leadership of Victoria Pitcavage, daughter of Richard Abbott and the 2014 recipient of the WTC Fire Safety Directors Memorial Award.  

Victoria Pitcavage, Director of Fire Science Institute, receiving the WTC Memorial Award with Daniel Nigro, FDNY Commissioner, Jack Murphy, FSDA Chairman, Russell Touhey, FSDA President, and Edwards Kilduff, FDNY Chief of Department.