Full-Time Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Full-time faculty encompass the following titles:

Distinguished Professor
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Distinguished Lecturer
College Laboratory Technician

For full-time faculty, personnel actions such as appointment, reappointment, promotion, tenure and leaves are recommended and/or approved by the following entities:

  • Your Departmental Personnel & Budget Committee (Department P&B)
  • The Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC)
  • The College President or his designee the Provost
  • CUNY Central

Most of the interaction you will have with Faculty Services will pertain to the preparation and filing of materials that support your personnel actions and that are included in your faculty personnel file for consideration by the Departmental P&B, the FPC and the President.  

Click the buttons on the right  for more detailed guidance on specific actions as they pertain to your title – but in general:

  • Personnel actions pertaining to reappointment, tenure and promotion require a completed Form C, your Chair’s Annual Evaluation Memorandum, Peer Observations of Teaching and evidence of your scholarly and teaching accomplishments.
  •  Applications for leave usually require the completion and submission of the appropriate form with an accompanying statement.


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