General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements

John Jay's General Education Requirements! 

General Education Core Curriculum

For the general education curriculum, John Jay’s faculty has developed exciting courses with a strong justice component that is at the heart of our College’s mission.

Whatever major you pursue, you’ll be able to enjoy a flexible, stimulating general education program that allows you to meet requirements in a way that fits your individual interests and builds important skills for future work or graduate study.  John Jay’s growing emphasis on liberal arts while staying committed to our tradition of justice will allow you to explore a wide range of options and to enjoy more focus on specific areas of interest.

Freshmen must complete courses in all of the general education areas in order to graduate, while transfer students may have met some or most of the general education requirements at their previous institution.

Whether you’re brand new or a continuing student, remember the Academic Advisement Center is here to help.  We are happy to answer any questions you have, discuss options, and help guide you to the best possible college experience.

General Education Course Listings:
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