Get Excited About Your Electives!

Get Excited About Your Electives!

Get Excited About Your Electives!

This component of your degree hosts a multitude of options.
Learn more about why your electives are equally as important
as your general education & major requirements!


I'm torn between two majors - I would love to complete both!

Double majoring is an option! Consider & calculate how many elective credits you will have after you finish your general education & major requirements. If you have enough credit room within the 120 credits needed to graduate this can be an excellent choice!

I don't have enough room for a second major:

Pursuing a minor can be a smart alternative. Minors are typically 18-21 credits. Check out the different minor options available to you.


If there's a minor you are considering, but it doesn't coincide with your major, that is OKAY! Minors are there to help further develop and acknowledge particular skills/interests you have.

Can Study Abroad count as an elective?

Study Abroad can be a unique and exciting way to use your elective credit(s). There can be opportunities where a major course you need can be offered as Study Abroad. However, if there is particular destination or course you are interested in but it doesn’t count towards your general education/major- it could possibly count as an elective. 

I am looking to get certification within a particular field:

John Jay currently offers five certificate programs. Certificate Programs can be a way to earn accreditation within a certain subject. This is perfect if career advancement is an aspiration of yours!

I would like to get real world experience within my major:

Whether or not your major has an internship requirement, internships can be a great way to confirm whether your major is right for you. It’s a chance to cultivate your industry connections, expand your resume, and possibly earn credit!