Get Support for your Students

Get Support for your Students

Once you begin working with student research assistants, you will likely notice that there are immense pressures on their time. Most of our students must work, some of them full-time, just to make ends meet. Thus, regardless of their motivation and dedication, the time that they can devote to extracurricular research efforts is limited. For this reason, the OUR strives to help students get some measure of financial support. We do this in a variety of ways.

Click here to view our page for students looking for support. By encouraging your students to pursue these forms of support, you may find that they can devote more time to your joint research efforts.

In addition, it is very desirable that faculty members support their student researchers directly. This enhances the mutual investment between you and your students and results in even higher levels of student commitment to and ownership of the projects. If you let them, students who are empowered as compensated research assistants can be among your most valuable research resources. Be aware that work-study students could be employed as research assistants, making this a viable mechanism for providing such support.

If you have grants or are writing grants, consider including student stipends in your budget. More than just “worth the cost,” student stipends can provide the most bang for your research dollars. Some agencies, such as NSF, allow grantees to request supplemental funding especially for student support. Click here to learn about this NSF program. We encourage you to look into your granting agencies to inquire if they have special budget line for undergraduate student support.

Even if your grant support comes from the PSC-CUNY program or other internal awards, even a small investment of student support can yield big dividends. Please consider including budget lines for student support in all of your grant applications – we promise that you will be glad that you did.

Additional Resources

Please visit the links below to explore sources of grant funding to support your research efforts with undergraduates: