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Grade Point Average

Grade Point Average

Grade Point Average (GPA)
The grade point average is computed by multiplying the numerical value of grades A, A–, B+, B, B–, C+, C, C–, D+, D, D–, F and WU with the number of credits of each course, which yields the number of quality points.  The number of quality points is then divided by the total number of attempted credits to yield the grade point average.

Repetition of Failed Courses and the Grade Point Average
Beginning in the fall 1990 semester and in any semester thereafter, the grade of F or WU is not computed in the grade point average when a student repeats the failed course and receives a grade of C or better.  The original F or WU, however, remains on the student’s official transcript.  The number of failing credits that can be omitted from the grade point average in this manner is limited to 16 for the duration of the student’s undergraduate enrollment in the institution.

Grade Point Average Required for Enrollment in Graduate Courses
Seniors with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher may, upon the recommendation of the academic department concerned and the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies, space permitting, for a maximum number of 6 credits of graduate courses for undergraduate credit at no additional fee. 

Only one 3-credit graduate course may be taken in a semester.  These courses may not count toward the master’s degree if they have served to fulfill baccalaureate degree requirements.