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Healthy Living

Healthy Living

It’s hard to succeed when you’re not feeling well. Physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual stressors can all take a toll on your wellbeing. That’s why it’s so important that you take care of yourself, and seek out help when you need a little extra support. When you embrace the idea of personal wellness, you will begin to develop habits that enrich your life for years to come. Sure, there will still be hard times every now and then – but you’ll be better prepared to deal with those obstacles in a safe, helpful, and responsible way.

Students who have developed the essential skill of Healthy Living:

  • Will identify the attitudes, thoughts, choices, and behaviors associated with lifelong health and wellness.
  • Will learn to incorporate and take an active role in their personal wellness (physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual) that supports a healthy lifestyle.
  • Will utilize coping, harm-reduction and helping skills that support personal and academic success and contribute to increased self-efficacy.
  • Will develop knowledge, skills and attitudes which impact their individual behavior and move their communities towards shared responsibility.