How To Get a Job

How To Get a Job

What kinds of FWS jobs are there?

On-Campus Assignments

You can work in one of John Jay College’s Administrative Offices or Academic Departments. There are a variety of on-campus positions available from office aide to language tutor. The minimum hourly rate for on-campus jobs starts at $11.00 but may be higher depending on the job type. The Graduate student rate is $13.00 per hour. Students can work in diverse areas such as African American Studies, Career Development Services and Internships, Children’s Center, Center on Media, Crime and Justice, the Center for Criminal Justice Ethics, the COPE Program, Economics, Enrollment Management Services (Admissions, Financial Aid, Graduate Admissions, One-Stop, Testing, the Call Center and the Registrar’s Offices), Government, Graduate Studies, Professional Studies, the English Language Support Center, the Writing Center, Math and Science Resource Center, Instructional Technology Support Services (computer labs), Health Services, Public Management, Recreation /Fitness Center, Equipment Room, for Athletic Teams, Student Affairs and Student Activities to name a few. Use the pull down down menu to the job bank for the list.

Off-Campus Assignments

You can work for a non-profit or agency that has signed an agreement with the City University of New York to employ FWS students. Off-campus job opportunities are varied and numerous and may be located in any one of the 5 boroughs. Assignments range from serving as a counselor in a youth center to being an assistant in CUNY’s Central Office. The general salary range can range from $11.00 to $14.00 per hour. The off-campus employer shares the costs of paying the students they employ with the FWS Program.

Public Service Corps (PSC)

The Public Service Corps offers FWS students internships at one of more than 30 participating New York City agencies. As a PSC intern, you will need to be certified in the FWS Program. Shortly thereafter, you will be contacted to meet with a Placement Officer at the Department of Citywide Administrative Services or an interview. You will need to bring a résumé and a your social security card with you. At the completion of the process, bring a copy of the Intern Assignment Form to the Federal Work Study Coordinator. For more information about the job types, click here. If you are interested in PSC, please see the FWS Coordinator.

Community Service Positions

You are encouraged to consider community service opportunities as you search for an appropriate FWS assignment. Job assignments that fit the community service description involve health care, child care, literacy training, and other services designed to improve the quality of life for NYC residents, particularly to low income individuals. 

FWS Process and Instructions

1. You must have a FWS award, (check your CUNYfirst account).*

*If you do not have a FWS award, click here to go to the Career Development Center and click on "John Jay Careers Online".

2. You must be registered for at least 6 credits (or equated credits), and be in good academic standing 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) for Undergraduate and 3.0 for Graduate.

3. Write down all jobs of interest with contact information (Department, Supervisor, Building, Room #, Phone number and email address on the job placement sheet).

4. Download and complete each from the Checklist of Required FWS Forms. It is important not to date the forms until you are with a Processing Officer.

When completing the New York State, IT-2104 or IT-2104-E Form make sure that you qualify based on the conditions. Completing the appropriate form will allow you to be exempt from New York State taxes.

5. Bring the forms and original identification to see a Processing Officer at Financial Aid, 445 West 59th Street, BMW Building, Room 607.

6. The Placement Officer will screen you to verify if you meet the eligibility requirements. Upon successful screening, you will be given a Pass to Return for Processing and a Contract for Work Study Placement.

7. Contact the Supervisor to arrange for an interview. You and your supervisor/ alternate supervisor must sign the Contract and return it to the Processing Officer in the Financial Aid Office. (Students may not complete the placement process without signatures on this form).

8. If you aren’t hired, or the position is filled, re-visit the FWS Job Bank at (Go back to The FWS Resource page Anchor - Job Bank) If you aren’t able to work all of the hours in the fall semester, with authorization, you can work during the winter session or spring break (if you qualify).

If you are missing any of the items from the Checklist, Employment Forms, Placement Forms or Acceptable Identification, you will be given a FWS Pass to Return for Processing to come back at a later time to complete the process.

The Work Study Contract for Placement will indicate how many hours you can work per week and your start date. Your supervisor will also be notified. You will start based on the date on the contract as indicated by the Processing Officer. You will receive the pink copy for your records.

Interview Tips
  • Dress in professional attire
  • Bring a current resume
  • Be punctual
  • Have a pen and pad and be prepared to take any notes
  • Be certain to record the Interviewer's name and contact information
  • Know what times you are available to work, remember working the recommended hours allows you to work for the fall and spring semesters (Award / Rate / # of weeks left to work) (Example: $1200/ $9.00/ 30 (15 weeks in the fall and 15 weeks in the spring) = 8 hours)


Basic Interview Questions
  • Tell me about yourself? How would you describe yourself?
  • Tell me about your most recent work experience.
  • What would you say is your biggest strength? Weakness?
  • What qualities and skills do you have that will make you succeed in this position?
  • Why should I hire you? Why do you want this job?
Potential Skills or requirements

How to:

  • answer the phone
  • properly write a memo or letter
  • use office equipment


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