How to Join ACE

How to Join ACE

ACE Students

1. Accept your offer of admission to John Jay College by submitting your ‘Student Seat Deposit and Enrollment Form’ with your payment or waiver request.

2. If you have not already applied for financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at and the New York State Tuition Assistance Program application at  This step must be completed as soon as possible to be eligible for ACE. *

3. Complete all enrollment next steps as listed on the ‘Steps to Enroll webpage’

4. Sign up and attend an ACE information session where you can learn more about the program. Eligible ACE students have received an email notification inviting them to participate in an info session. Email to ask about eligibility if an email invitation was not received.

RECRUITMENT UPDATE: The ACE Program is no longer recruiting accepted John Jay freshmen for fall 2022.

*All students (except those who are unable to apply due to immigration status) must complete both FAFSA and TAP applications. We encourage those who do not meet eligibility requirements for federal and state aid to check eligibility and apply for funds through the New York State Dream Act at