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HSI Resources

              HISPANIC SERVING INSTITUTION (HSI)#JOHNJAYHSI (Click here to see the video)

The College has been an HSI since the 1980s, and in recent years, the number of Hispanic students on campus has grown to nearly half the student body at 47%. Ensuring that these students have the programs and services they need to graduate is among the College’s top priorities. In a formal letter addressed to the John Jay community, President Karol V. Mason emphasized this commitment.

“I am tremendously proud that John Jay became a federal HSI as a direct result of Hispanic students expressly choosing to be a part of the John Jay community,” she said. “In my eyes, promoting and celebrating our HSI status is a vital key for the success of all our students. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but a key first step in these efforts is to engage in a community conversation about what our HSI status means.”

        Watch President Mason talk about the importance of diversity at John Jay


    John Jay as a Hispanic-Serving Institution_ Meeting the Challenge

José Luis Morín






   Reading Resources

We will be collectively adding readings and resources during the seminar based on our meetings, the lectures, and our own explorations. Feel free to add and annotate!

Nicholas Vargas

Imagining Hispanic Serving Colleges & Univ. as Integrated Institutions for Ethnoracial Justice

Nicholas Vargas has recommended that we read the following three articles before our meeting on October 15. The first, Latina/o Whitening? Which Latina/os Self-Classify as White and Report Being Perceived as White by Other Americans? is a response to his reading of the speaker series and José Luis Morín’s presentation. The second two articles focus more on Vargas’ HSI research as related to his John Jay presentation.

Please read the articles and provide comments, questions, and concerns to the Nicholas Vargas Readings and Resources Comments page (under this page on the main menu) by Wednesday, October 10 (I will share a selection with Nick Vargas by October 12 so that he can prepare to talk with us).


Gina Garcia

Garcia 2017 Decolonizing HSIs

Garcia Ramirez 2015 Institutional Agents

Stella M. Flores  

Effect of Enrolling at Minority Serving Institution

Labor Market Returns for Graduates of Hispanic-Serving Institutions

Latino Immigrant Access to Higher Education in a Bipolar Context of Reception

Francisco Gaytan

Gaytan Focus on Latino Learners

Gaytan Newcomer Immigrant Youth