Identifications Cards

Identifications Cards


The Office of Public Safety, Room L2.61, is open for ID card pick up from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Monday through Friday. To request an individual appointment during off hours, please call (212) 237-8524. 
To obtain an ID card and/or a validation sticker, students will be asked for confirmation of enrollment via CUNYfirst/Registrar, while faculty and staff must be verified by the Department of Human Resources.

The following picture shows two student IDs. The ID on the left requires a validation sticker every semester while the one on the right does not require a validation sticker:

Semester sticker

There is a $10.00 CASH ONLY fee for a replacement ID card. If you lost your ID card, check with Public Safety to see if it was returned first before requesting a replacement ID card.


                                      ISSUING STUDENT ID CARDS WITH "PREFERRED NAME"

Previously, students were required to submit a paper request in-person through Jay Express to have their name changed. Students now have access to change their "preferred names" online using CUNYFirst, which then automatically updates their names in class rosters.

Legal name change procedure
Students are required to submit legal documentation (marriage license, court order, divorce decree, etc.) to Jay Express. The student will then receive a referral to visit DOIT to change his/her  name on his/her email address and Blackboard and to Public Safety to change the name on his/her student ID card.

Preferred name change procedure
A Student must first update his/her  preferred names on CUNY first.  Then he/she  must go to  Jay Express who will give him/her  a referral to:

-DOIT to change his/her name on his/her  email address and Blackboard and to
-Public Safety to change the name on his/her student ID card.

Students are also informed that they should inform their Professor of the preferred name update, as the class roster will automatically be updated.   

Please click here to view a sample referral form that students receive from Jay Express.
Click here to view step-by-step instructions to students to assist them in changing their names in CUNYFirst.