Information Session

Information Session

Prospective students interested in learning more about the NYPD Leadership/In-service Program, are encouraged to attend an Information session.  Students attending the session will learn more about the program and submit their application on-the-spot for the upcoming semester.  To complete your application on-the-spot, students must provide the following supporting documents:

  • Photocopy of NYPD, FDNY or DOC ID (required)
  • Photocopy of DD 214 or military ID (required for military personnel only) 
  • Official college transcript(s)
  • Graduate non-degree students applying to the Leadership Program must submit official or unofficial college transcript with graduation date or copy original diploma

We are having an On-Site Admissions Session on October 17 and 24! If you are interested in applying and receiving a decision in-person then please click here to sign up for one of our available timeslots. Please be ready to submit all required documentation during your session:

  • Undergraduate Applicants
    • Official college transcripts from all schools attended
    • NYPD/DOC/FDNY Academy transcripts
  • Graduate Applicants
    • Official or unofficial college transcripts with graduation dates posted
    • NYPD ID

We are having an information session this Friday at 12:00pm. Please attend if you want to receive information on the application, enrollment process and what to expect after you are admitted.


To RSVP for the 12:00pm session, click here.

Every Friday 12:00pm Click here