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Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics

Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics

The Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics, the only nonprofit, university-based center of its kind in the United States, was established to foster greater concern for ethical issues among practitioners and scholars in the criminal justice field. It seeks to encourage increased sensitivity to the demands of ethical behavior among those who administer and enforce our system of criminal justice, a more focused treatment of moral issues in the education of criminal justice professionals, and a new dialogue among scholars and practitioners on specific topics in criminal justice ethics.

The Journal of Criminal Justice Ethics is also housed here at John Jay with the Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics. Professor Jonathan Jacobs serves as the editor.

Other John Jay faculty plays editorial roles as well: William Heffernan (book review editor); Alexander Schlutz (copy editor); Stanley Ingber (associate editor); Adina Schwartz (associate editor). Additionally, Professor John Kleinig and President Jeremy Travis sit on the editorial board.

For more information, please contact Jonathan Jacobs or Margaret Smith.