Investigative Psychology Certificate Program

Investigative Psychology Certificate Program

This 6-week course aims to highlight how we may apply psychology to the specific applied area of crime scene analysis. The focus of the course will be on the sub-field of offender profiling and crime scene analysis, and the main psychological principles upon which offender profiling is based will be outlined. This will be done with particular emphasis on the three key areas of Investigative Psychology as it applies to offender profiling: gathering information from the crime s
cene, making decisions about this information and analyzing the behavior at the crime scene.    Core topics include:

  1. Introduction to Investigative Psychology
  2. Decision Making & Information Retrieval
  3. Behavioral Analysis – Profiling the Crime Scene
  4. Behavioral Analysis – Linking Serial Crime
  5. Behavioral Analysis – Profiling the Offender
  6. Profiling in Practice

Target Audience:

This introductory certificate program is tailored to professionals with experience in law enforcement, investigations, crime analysis, law, psychology, or other related practical fields, who want to gain an understanding of crime scene analysis, and how the principles underlying its scientific practice can be helpful to current practice. The certificate can also be used as further professional development in other related fields that aim to gain an understanding of best practices in decision making and analysis of information. The course may also be taken by students with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, or an advanced degree in Psychology, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law, Forensic Sciences, Forensic Accounting, or a related field, who are looking to add to their portfolio. However, such students will be required to demonstrate previous or current relevant practical or research experience. Due to the nature of the content that will be covered in this course, it is not suitable  for individuals with a casual non-professional interest in criminology or other social or forensic sciences.

What to expect:

  • Students can expect a welcome packet at least 3 days prior to the advertised start of the class.
  • This welcome packet will contain their blackboard login credentials and instructions.
  • Weekly readings (comprised of articles, chapters, websites, etc.)
  • Weekly online instructional videos
  • Individual and group assignments and exercises
  • Online class discussions
  • Weekly personal progress updates
  • Final personal project that aims to apply course material to a practice related issue of the participant’s choosing
  • 6 weeks of approximately 6-10 hours weekly expected time commitment


If you have any questions please email or call 212-237-8699

Start Date: Fall 2017 (TBA)
Tuition: $995

Please click  here to fill out an application for the program. Applications will be reviewed in the fall/winter.