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Additional Resources

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incident Analysis
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Career Information
Profiling Careers
There are a number of ways in which you can work in the area of profiling, however, it is important to note that the job of ‘profiler’ is not a job in its own right,

instead it forms part of a job description, and varies depending on what the job entails.

Law Enforcement Agencies
If you are interested in investigating crimes on a practical level, a law enforcement career is the best option for you. As a law enforcement officer or agent within state or federal agencies, you are involved in solving crimes on a day-to-day basis. For more information on careers within these, contact these agencies directly, e.g. your local police force, the FBI, etc.

Crime Analysis
You can also work in the area of crime by taking on a position as a civilian within the police force or other law enforcement agencies. You often need a Master's degree for these positions. For more information on careers in crime analysis, please contact the police or the FBI directly for available positions.

Other Avenues in the Private Sector
There are many ways in which to get a job with an element of profiling in it, such as working as a Private Investigator, working for an insurance company, etc.

As the field of profiling is yet young, most of the work is being done in the realm of research. For careers in this field, it is necessary to do aPhD, and concentrate your research dissertation in the field of profiling. An important step in this process is to choose a program that is known for its classes and a mentor who is a recognized researcher in this field.