Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Conference theme: 

Practice Informed Research & Research Based Practice

Relevant topics:

  • Practice informed Research
  • Evidence-led Policing
  • Research & Practice Collaboration Work
  • Offender Profiling
  • Linking Serial Crime
  • Sexual and Violent Crime
  • Property Crime
  • Effective Interviewing in Investigations and Court
  • Case Linkage in Court
  • Developments in Geographical Offender Profiling
  • Court Psychology & Expert Psychological Testimony
  • Detecting Deception
  • Eyewitness Testimony
  • Crime Science
  • Investigative Decision Making
  • The intersection of clinical psychology and investigative psychology
  • And many other topics...


Submission Guidelines

All abstracts must be submitted on-line through the submission link below. This will be available below from September 2015.

On the submission site you will be asked to indicate the type of submission you wish to make. These include: (1) Thematic Panel of 4 Papers (2) Individual Paper Presentation, (3) Poster Presentation

Complete Thematic Panel: Submissions must include a Panel Title and a 100 word outline, as well as 4 papers, each with a title and abstract of 400-500 words, along with author information. Each presentations should be timed to be 20 minutes in length, with a final 10 minutes for questions at the end. For a thematic panel, you must submit titles, abstracts and author information for all papers together.

Individual Paper Presentations: Submissions must include a title and abstract of 400-500 words, along with author information. Presentations should be timed to be 20 minutes in length.

Poster Presentations: Submissions for poster presentations require only a title and abstract of no more than 200 words, along with author information.

Please note that late submissions will NOT be accepted. Also, submissions that do not follow the guidelines will be rejected. We encourage you to submit in sufficient advance of the deadline so that you can contact the conference team (for responses during normal business hours) if you are having problems submitting.

Priority for presentations will be given to faculty and professionals and senior graduate students. Masters and Undergraduate submissions for presentations will be considered if there is space in the program and if the research is of high quality. Posters are open to all levels of submission. Those not accepted for presentations will be given the option to submit a poster instead.

General Guidelines:

Authorship: Individuals may submit ONLY ONE FIRST AUTHOR PRESENTATION OR POSTER. Submissions as a co-author on a presentation or a poster are unlimited.

Confirmation of Acceptance: Confirmations on acceptance is expected no later than January 2016

Time & Date: The conference will be held on Friday May 13th and Saturday May 14th. Presentations and posters may be scheduled at any time during the meetings, and the conference organizers cannot honor personal preferences for day and time of presentations.

Registration: All program participants are expected to register for the meeting. Presenters must pre-register by March 13th. Any presenter not yet registered by this date may loose their place in the program.

Equipment: A computer with Microsoft Office, including PowerPoint, internet and audio capability will be available on site. Please note that presenters will NOT be able to use their own computers, so all presenters must bring their presentation on a USB to upload to the conference computer. Presenters can also send their presentation in advance and have it pre-loaded. All presenters will receive further instructions with their acceptance.



However we welcome everyone to register to attend the conference, you can register by going to the Registration link.