ISP Ambassadors

ISP Ambassadors

Who are the ISP Ambassadors? 

There are four friendly, accomplished and experienced ISP students who will welcome you to our program in the beginning of the semester and continue to support you throughout. The ambassadors’ mission is to help new students feel at home in ISP, familiarize them with our teaching style and help strengthen our community. For that purpose, the ambassadors organize a welcome lunch and different Community Hour events and workshops during the semester. 


My name is Gustavo Tepehua. I am a sophomore at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, majoring in Law and Society. The reason for why I have joined the ambassadors is because I know that assimilating into the college environment can be intimidating for first year students. ISP is a program where I excelled and felt comfortable in, especially with all the professors who are willing to help you. As for myself I want to be that helping hand that is there when you need it, as going to professors may be intimidating as well. A student connection is needed and that is where I would like to come in and help. I look forward to working with you all.




My name is Kath and I am an international student here at John Jay. I grew up in Switzerland and I am half Swiss and half Finnish. I am majoring in Criminology and I have minors in Corrections and ISP. Since my freshman year I have loved being a part of ISP because it is not only a department, but really a family. My goal as an ISP Ambassador is to make sure that every ISP student has the possibility to reach out and get assistance, support or help from us Ambassadors.




My name is Aida Eloumri and I'm currently majoring in Political Science with a double minor in ISP and Economics. Like a lot of students who have entered ISP I had no idea what was I getting myself into with these courses. After learning about the true essence of being an ISP student as a freshman in John Jay, it opened up my eyes to the endless possibilities of how I can apply these theories in class to my own studies.



My name is Mikaela Zambrano Cervantes. I'm a sophomore at John Jay majoring in Political Science and Economics, with minors in English and Interdisciplinary Studies.  I'm a first generation Mexican-American and Ecuadorian. I was born and raised in Queens, NY but I lived for some time in Seattle.  I hope to become an attorney and maybe find my way into politics. I dream of possibly running for President, becoming a Supreme Court Justice, or opening my own law firm. Some say that’s too ambitious, but not me.  I aim to work hard every day, becoming better than I was yesterday.  As a student, I had a great time in ISP and as an ambassador I hope to show you all that ISP can offer, sharing how it can make students both more caring and also more analytical.