JD and MPA Combined Studies

JD and MPA Combined Studies

JJC MPA Inspector General Program as a Post-Law Option

Students at the CUNY Law School may complete the John Jay MPA Inspector General Program, substituting law courses for four of the required MPA courses, and completing up to two specified MPA Inspector General courses that are applied toward completion of their law degree.

The following courses are substituted for JJC MPA courses:

JJC MPA Course                                             CUNY Law Substitute Course

PAD 700 Public Administration                       Public Institutions and Law

PAD 702 Human Resources                            Labor Law

PAD Elective                                                                       Evidence and Lawyering in the Public Interest

PAD Elective                                                                       Legal Process

For students in the program, up to two (2) of the following courses can be completed while in Law School, applied toward the law degree, and also accepted by JJC toward the MPA degree.

  • PAD 740 Public Sector Inspection and Oversight
  • PAD 742: Public Sector Accounting and Auditing


Students apply for this option by the end of their second year in law school. During their third year of Law School they would complete PAD 740 and PAD 742. Following their CUNY Law School graduation, they would complete the MPA Inspector General program by completing the remaining 8 courses in this 14-course (42-credit) program.