Key Dates

Key Dates

Personnel Action Items – Full-Time Faculty

Second Friday in September

FIDO/personnel files close for faculty being considered for reappointments (second and subsequent reappointments), tenure, and/or promotion in a given fall semester.  No updates can be made after this date.

February 1

Deadline to request from the Provost a one-year extension for consideration of tenure/CCE, based upon the circumstances of the Spring 2020 semester and the COVID pandemic. This applies to faculty appointed to a tenure-track line or lecturers on the CCE track or members on the CLT series in 2019-2020 or earlier.


Candidates for First Reappointment to second year of service (i.e., faculty in their first year of service):  provide department chair with an updated CV and verify that signed teaching observation(s) are on file with the department.

March 15th

Deadline to notify Provost of intention to apply for tenure and/or promotion in the current year (fall votes) in writing (email is acceptable).  Copy Director of Faculty Services (Dr. Kyeanna Bailey; and your department chair.

Approx April 15-22 (depending on spring break)

Chairs submit via email the names and contact information for 4-6 external evaluators who agreed to evaluate each faculty member applying for tenure and/or promotion. Send to Director of Faculty Services (Dr. Kyeanna Bailey;, copying the faculty candidate for tenure/promotion.

Faculty candidates for tenure and/or promotion submit evaluator packets to Director of Faculty Services (Dr. Kyeanna Bailey; Packets should include Table of Contents, updated CV, and representative examples of scholarship and/or professional practice for evaluators to review.

First 10 weeks of semester

Teaching Peer Observations should be completed during the first 10 weeks of a given semester (for untenured faculty).  Once signed, they are submitted to the Provost’s office for personnel files and Chairs upload to FIDO when it opens.

Dates variable

Chairs (or P&B designees) complete annual evaluation conferences with all faculty members (other than tenured Full Professors) and document with a memorandum of the conference (occurs 1/year).

Personnel Action Items – Part-Time (Adjunct) Faculty

March 1st

Adjunct promotion materials due to Department Chair. For details on the adjunct promotion policy and process, go to:

(Promotions: Adjunct Assistant à Adjunct Associate; or Adjunct Associate à Adjunct Full Professor.)  Faculty should consult with Department Chair in advance.

March 1-30

Department P&B considers application materials and votes on adjunct promotion.

April 5th

Deadline for Department Chairs to submit Adjunct promotion materials to Director of Faculty Services, Dr. Kyeanna Bailey ( for Provost consideration, to include adjunct application materials, chair letter and P&B votes. For details, go to:

Fellowship (Sabbatical) Leaves

Leave Eligibility

Faculty are eligible for sabbatical (fellowship) leave after completing 6 years of continuous service from date of return/start (assuming no break in service).

Scenario 1:  You are on sabbatical Fall 2020 & Spring 2021; you return Fall 2021; you are eligible for another leave as early as Fall 2027 (application due Fall 2026).

Scenario 2:  You are on sabbatical Fall 2020; you return Spring 2021; you are eligible for another leave as early as Spring 2027 (application due Spring 2026).

Scenario 3:  You are on sabbatical Spring 2021; you return Fall 2021; you are eligible for another leave as early as Fall 2027 (application due Fall 2026).

Leave Duration Options

There are 3 options for leave duration – sample semester combinations below to illustrate.  (Salary rate does not impact date of next leave eligibility.)

(1) Full year at 80% salary: 

Consecutive options:  (a) Fall 2020 & Spring 2021; (b) Spring 2021 & Fall 2021

Split options:Fall 2020 & Fall 2021; (d) Spring 2021 & Spring 2022

(2) Half year (one semester) at 80% salary:  Spring 2021 only

(3) Half year (one semester) at 100% salary:  Spring 2021 only

October 1st

Sabbatical (Fellowship) Leave applications for the next Fall semester (or next Fall/Spring or Fall/Fall) due to department chair (“Fellowship (Sabbatical) Leave Application”, go to “Key Forms”:

March 1st

Sabbatical (Fellowship) Leave applications for the next Spring semester (or next Spring/Fall or Spring/Spring) due to department chair (For “Fellowship (Sabbatical) Leave Application”, go to “Key Forms”:

Third Monday in June

Faculty must accept or decline their fellowship/sabbatical leave in writing by this date in the June prior to their leave. (Faculty Services will send a leave award letter on which this written response would be submitted.)

Start of Semester

   (either Fall or Spring)

Upon return to the College following fellowship leave/sabbatical completion, a summary report of relevant activities during the leave must be submitted to the Provost and Department Chair.  This is a narrative (no form needed).

Faculty Workshops  (approx. dates)

Late Fall & Early Spring

Promotion from Associate to Full Professor

Early Spring

Tenure & Promotion Workshop

Late Spring

Form C Workshop

End Spring/Early Summer

Chairs Workshop


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