Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Due to COVID-19, all in-person training will be PAUSED until further notice.


Lt. Jack Cambria of the NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team, and instructor for the EDP program talking a distraught man off the ledge of the AMC movie theater in Times Square on 10/16/14.
(Bottom left) Lt. Jack Cambria of the NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team,
and John Jay adjunct talking an emotionally distressed person off the
ledge of the AMC movie theater in Times Square on 10/16/14.

New York City, the most populous city in the United States with over 8 million people residing in its 5 boroughs, and approximately 55 million annual visitors, keeping the people safe is a formidable task for our law enforcement agencies.

As a certified New York State Training Academy by the Division of Criminal Justice Services, we provide specialized training for NYPD, Department of Corrections, and other law enforcement agencies. We offer professional development training to criminal justice professionals to meet any emerging issues, new approaches to policing and career advancement opportunities.



By leveraging the resources of our distinguished faculty and subject matter experts in the field of criminal justice, Professional Studies is able to create innovative curricula based on the needs of the organization to support their goals and objectives. Available programs include:

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training 

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Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety 

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Basic Course for Peace Officers

What is a Peace Officer:

Peace officers have many of the same legal powers as police officers, including the power to use force to make arrests, make warrantless arrests, conduct warrantless searches and issue appearance tickets. These are very far-reaching powers that should not be granted lightly, and should only be granted to those who have received sufficient training. When a Peace Officer is originally appointed to an agency, the employer must register the officer with the Office of Public Safety pursuant to section 845 of the Executive Law.

Who can attend the training? :

Peace Officer training is not open to the public; it is not a course that an individual can take for his or her own educational purposes.  Only an employer can send their employees to the course.  Training occurs AFTER the employer has submitted the “Peace Officer Registry Entry/ Certification of Initial Employment” form as appropriate. Section 2.30 of the Criminal Procedure Law defines the training requirements for peace officers. Title 9 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York, Part 6025 further specifies the training courses that peace officers must complete based on employment status and weapons classification, and further specifies the topics and hours courses that peace officers must complete.

A Peace Officer’s position is connected to their employer and cannot be taken as a stand-alone course.

Who should initiate the training request:

Only the employer can initiate the training request.

New York State mandated annual recertification

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For more information on customized law enforcment training for your agency, please contact:

Fern Chan, Director

Tiesha Rembert, Associate Director