Faculty-Affiliated Centers, Institutes, and Projects at John Jay

John Jay College Health and Justice Project 
(Professors Sung, Mellow, West, Pezzella, and Yu, Core Investigators)

John Jay College Center on Terrorism 
(Charles B. Strozier, Director & Dennis Kenney)

John Jay College Center for Crime Prevention and Control 
(David Kennedy, Director)

John Jay College Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics 
(William Heffernan)

John Jay College Center for International Human Rights 
(Marcia Esparza, Professor in International Human Rights Minor)

Faculty-Affiliated Projects outside of John Jay:

The Historical Memory Project 
(Marcia Esparza, Founder and Director)

National Network for Safe Communitites 
(David Kennedy, Network Co-Chair)

National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START)
(Joshua Freilich, Executive Committee Member)

National Institute of Corrections’ Transition from Jail to the Community Project
(Jeff Mellow, Project Team Member)

Office of National Drug Council Policy’s Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program 
(Jeff Mellow, Site Director for Manhattan)